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  1. Thanks, I did like the Twin Reverb, I've never owned one but have played them and they are one of the cleaner tube amps I've played. I'll have to check out the Mesa Boogie Tremloverb. I looked into the Mesa Boogie Lonestar and thought it might sound right. I've only heard them on youtube and when I went to Minus the Bear concerts they used them so I guess I have heard them live, but never played one.
  2. So I have mainly played tube amps all of my time as a guitarist. I have played Vox, Fender, Crate, Epiphone, and other tube amps. I play ambient and alternative music and am looking for an extremely clean tone. I love the warmth of tubes, but of course they break up a lot sooner with volume increase killing that clean tone. I have started looking at the Orange Crush series or higher wattage Orange combos. I have heard their clean sound from their solid state amps is great. I did own a small Orange practice amp at one time and was blown away by the sound for a practice amp. I have played tube Orange amps as well, they are great for distortion tone or even adding fuzz to it, but the clean tone is lacking. I'm interested to see if anyone has advice for me on my quest to find an extremely clean amp. I'm leaning towards the solid state Orange, but if anyone has suggestions I would be happy to hear them. I also mainly use delay, modulation, reverb, synth, and other out there pedals most people don't traditionally use. I'm not for or against using only analog or only digital effects if they have a clear good sound. I'm not as big of a fan of the sound quality from older digital pedals, but in the last 5-10 years digital tone quality has increased. I am listing these effects because I want an amp that will sound good with those effects. I mainly play alternative and ambient music in the styles of Tycho, Explosions in the Sky, El Ten Eleven, Bombay Bicycle Club, Sigur Ros, M83. I do at times jam out with a good fuzz such as an original Big Muff, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Way Huge Swollen Pickle(most recently). I am not interested in digital amps (modeling amps) I am just partial to solid state or tube. I've tried different digital amps and did not care for their tone.
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