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  1. Yeah you're very right about the breath support. Kickingtone also said the same thing. And singing success hasn't addressed that a lot. care to expand on why it doesn't work for people? I really like how he takes the time to explain the exercises, gives the demos and has a lot of exercises but It is certainly lacking on the breathing thing. Sometimes i get exercises that i can't go through the scale without breathing again and I don't really know how to do it. One other thing. I try to breath from the nose because it seems to dry your throat less. But it's much easier to get more air from the mouth. But also a lot of people say it has nothing to do with the amount of breat . That too much air could actually not help.. anyway . Confusing!
  2. Hey thank you very much for listening! I was walking around singing that, I was certainly not 100% relaxed because those higher notes seemed "hardish" to me and I probably went overboard a little bit. And about the breath support, it is not the best. It's something that confuses me a bit, not sure how to know I'm doing it right and how to practice it 😪. I wonder if you have any tips?
  3. Hey guys! First time posting here. Hope you guys can listen to my cover and tell me honestly if there is potential. I've been taking lessons for about 3 months. I wasn't practicing a lot but I got the singing success 360 for practicing in the car (it's mostly where I practice). Things got much better but I think it really has to do with me now believing it's possible haha. anyways, I would love to one day have a band a play gigs at bars as the singer. I play guitar but singing is what makes me the happiest. I recorded this in 2 tries so there are a lot of little pitch things I know.. it doesn't start so well but I think finishes a little better. I may have been belting more than I should so I don't know... the singer from the Eagles doesn't belt at all or has a much lighter voice than I do. Anyways.. any help would be appreciated! Thank you! https://www.smule.com/p/1165671032_2939746802
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