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  1. Thanks,I'm putting together a list for a new pedal bd.I'm currently using a Boss me-80. I had given all my effect pedals to a non-profit called Girls Rock which our daughter works with. I retired and quit gigging last year and didn't think I was going to need the old pedals but got talked into a digital effects unit just to use when I felt like playing,which was a mistake. There is just to many bad noises coming from my unit and I'm sure it's me because I didn't read the instructions,anyway that's why I'm getting a list made. I don't use a ton of pedals but they make an average player like me hide my flaws,on my list is an overdrive,distortion,delay wah and fuzz. I keep it basic and with your review on the flatiron unit I can tell I need to do more research because hopefully this will be my last pedalboard.
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