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  1. Hi Everyone, Bought a second hand ENGL Blackmore. ESP guitar with EMGs & an ISP Decimator. Played it three time with band rehearsing & I'm seeing the following get worse (was ok first time)... 1. Real loss of gain - it's a higg gain amp with active pickups & I'm needing to crank gain to 10 to get even a classic rock sound. 2. Screech/squeal - any sort of volume from guitar on high gain & I get this ear piercing screech. Basically unplayable. Not feedback - I can get 'real' feedback but going close to amp & then if I increase gain or volume the screech kicks on over the feedback. 3. Intermittent sort of interference on the tone. Squeal only happens on high gain channel - also tried two guitars & same issue. Other guitar had passives. Bought on Ebay & no return possible, so obviously need to get this fixed. Is it the tubes? Seller said it was a about 5 yr old (mint condition) but hardly played for about 2-3 yrs. Cheers all
  2. Hi Everyone, Was happily playing away today & Peavey 6505 112 combo tone changed to high treble for about 3-5 seconds them amp died. Pulled the fuse out next to where power lead connects & it's clearly blown. Only had it a month from brand new. Is it as easy as swapping a new fuse in (which is a worry in itself after a month) or do these things lose tubes as fast as this? Fuses are a pain to get hold of in the UK as well. Only played it about 10 times - transported to & from a rehearsal studio but no bumps or anything. Bit disappointed in it for obvious reasons. Was only just starting to break in as well! I've contacted the store it came from for comment but I need it by Wednesday evening... Cheers for any comment.
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