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    Not a serious musician, more like a nerd sometimes, since I'm doing this for my pleasure. Unfortunately - I've never studied properly (I mean music schools), learned from more experienced musicians mostly or on my own. Instruments of choice: drums, guitar and (on occasions) flute.


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    apart from music: art, hiking, watching detective series


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    home care helper
  1. Sorry for hijacking your thread, Elysse, though I'd like to share my experience since I'm in the same boat as you. Never had enough time for a music (shame on me), finally my life changed to better so I'm ready to start again. Time to join the club, yay! It's hard to decide, especially since you're (just as me) out of practice. Since guys above have already mentioned that you'll need to work hard to succeed, think, what makes you happier: your experience as a drummer or your progress with a bass guitar? Personally, I found that I love playing drums and came back to drumming with an electronic kit - as a "weekend warrior" I can only train at home. That's just temporary until I find my way to learn on a daily basis. I also found drums more fun than guitar, which became a routine for me. And there's nothing worse than a routine when you're trying to start again. So, I agree with race81, you need to decide how much are you going to work (hobby or job), and how much time do you have (just weekends or all week)? But also - do you have your own place and what's your budget. Wish you luck!
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