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  1. Hi guys, thank you for your replies. The retailer agreed to swap it for a different J-15 so all is good. I didn't know about sapwood, this is my first acoustic, but personally and since all is OK build wise I wouldn't mind the mismatching too much although I do agree it is a bit of an eyesore. Given that I was given the opportunity to swap it, I went for it - new guitar arrives today. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I purchased online last Friday, and it arrived yesterday, a new Gibson J-15. The seller is a big store in the UK, not a private seller, and the price paid was the full price minus some minor discount you would expect to get off the list price anyway. The guitar arrived in a Gibson box that was stapled so I assume the guitar had not been out of its case since it left the factory in January (according to the date in the brochure) and it was in excellent condition. However I was really surprised to see the wood near the jack as in the pictures. What is going on here? First of all, the guitar should have walnut sides and back and walnut is dark, what is this wood that they used? Is the rest actually just painted on top? Did they accidentally cut it incorrectly and that is some random wood used to finish it? The guitar is going back but is this normal? I mean it is not a small defect.... What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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