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  1. Just noticed a problem with my Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0. It's been sitting up for about half a year, since our local open jam shut down. Had a buddy stop by and want to jam a bit. So he plugged up his guitar to a handy Fender, and I plugged up my bass into my Shuttle with a 1x10 cab. I immediately noticed that as a note decays in level a fuzzy, buzzy distortion is apparent till the note falls off completely or is muted. I initially thought it might be my bass's active preamp battery (it has been 6+ months since playing); no dice. It still does it. So I plugged my trusty ES335 in to make it as simple and passive as possible, but it still does it. Things sound fine at a decent volume, but as it decays, the sound just fuzzes out... and not a pretty fuzz. I plugged a Line 6 POD in to both the effects return and the aux in, to attempt to bypass the internal Genz preamp, but it still does the fuzz. At this point I'm wondering if there might be a capacitor going bad in either the power supply or the power amp section. Any thoughts? BTW, to eliminate the speaker being blown, I plugged a pair of phones up and got the same, albeit somewhat lower level. That tends to lean me toward PSU rather than amp section, but I'm not an electronics expert... by any means. I tend to zap myself if I mess with amplifier caps. Thanks, DoneSignedUpTwice Pedulla Rapture 5 Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0 1x10 other misc detritus of a life near music
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