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  1. I have trouble playing the bass drum correctly while im the drums, when ever i hit the bass drum the rest of my playing ‘matches’ the bass drum, for example: when im playing nothin else matters, the end of the second measure and begging of the third there are two bass drum hits and when ever I do that I accidentally speed up hitting the hi-hat. I am new to drumming, but I would love some tips and exercises to help me control my limbs betterhttps://discord.software/ FetLife vshare
  2. This isn’t even a question, I just feel kinda sentimental (it’s like 3am here). After numerous posts on this sub about what bass I should get, I settled on a Squier CV 60s P-Bass, in the prettiest white with a tortoiseshell pick guard. I’m planning on getting an ashtray cover and maybe switching out the pick ups to something a bit more dated (if they sell vintage pick ups, never checked) to make my own unique sound. My first bass was a Hamer Slammer P-bass knockoff, which I got for free from my high school’s theatre program. It cost maybe $25 to fix the jack and bam, I had a bass. A {censored}ty bass, but it was my first and now I feel kinda bad about selling it. Not enough to not sell it, but every time I look over to my door I see my bass all packed up, ready to sell before I get my new bass in tomorrow. I think I’ll get $25 out of it, and I’ll probably save up to buy a mini rumble I can take to uni. Does anyone else get sentimental over selling their firsts or is it just me? I refuse to sell my first guitars though, too many memories. Once I get a guitar I want more however I will sell my either my black/ivory Epi LP or my tuxedo Squier A Strat. Too bad I don’t play electric too much these days. My acoustic is staying with me forever though, a blueburst Huntington which sings pretty nicely once in a blue moon.vidmate mobdro word counter
  3. Hello everyone, For context, I started band when I was a sophmore, I ended up on the drum line the next two years and was on college bass line for a year, I gave up on music due to frustration with local music scene and scheduling. I started playing bass about a year after joining percussion, a few years later(Last year) I got back into bass and took lessons and was making good progress. I had to stop due to time constraints. I'm finally able to have the time to get back into music. Thank you!
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