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  1. Maybe this information will be useful for someone: Gator GW-JAG fits Xtone good. Case closes a bit tightly, but closes.
  2. Thank you. I think I have no variants except buying GW-JAG. Hope it will fit.
  3. Yes, it is intended for a Fender jaguar. Dimensions seem suitable for xtone, but I want to be sure
  4. Yeah, I see😃 I'm asking cause I'm afraid that the case other way around is too big for the guitar, I want to avoid "custom" upgrades of the case. Nevertheless, thank you very much.
  5. ESP adviced me guitar's body thickness: 50 mm in its center and 38 mm at the wings + the hardware will add slightly more height to the instrument. What do you think? Will GW-JAG fit it?
  6. Blue ones for les paul, orange for ec335, red ones show that dimensions dont fit. Black as you can see are for JAG cases) Thank you very much for advise, I will think about it.
  7. I can't buy original case in Moscow, distributor can deliver it in ~6 months. I don't want to wait so long, I need something from another brand.
  8. I did. They redirected me me to the russian distributors. Useless. They are idiots) ESP Customer Service advised me dimensions of the guitar, except thickness. Following to them I've chosen Gator GW-JAG. They said this case seems appropriate for Xtone, but they do not test aftermarket cases, so they cannot guarantee a perfect fit. So the only question is whether or not it will close.
  9. Hi Does anybody own Esp Ltd Xtone? Could you please advise me its body thickness? I need to understand will Gator GW-JAG hard case fit it. If someone could advise me another suitable Gator hard case I would really appreciate it.
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