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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve contacted both.
  2. I haven’t rejected any. If I put all of what I need side by side in the front row, with will need to be 70” wide. A little bigger than a guitar case. I have a mock up diagram I can upload in pdf format.
  3. I have been looking for a pedalboard that is big enough (at least 42” or more, and at least 20” from front to back), where I can host a guitar multi fx board (line 6 pod x3 live size), a looper (Boss RC300), vocal fx (TC Helicon Voice Live Extreme 3), Beat Buddy Drum pedal and extension pedal, a mini mixer, and power strips. Possibly room for a couple of other items. I want to have everything cabled up, and a strong protective case, where I can leave everything ready to go after sound check, and still keep the protective lid on until it’s time to perform. I don’t want a board that lifts out of the case. That requires holes for power input, guitar input, guitar amp output, microphone cable, L/R line out to PA system. This is to reduce my setup time, and to allow me to set up and sound check early, then leave my rig set up and protected in case there is an event with other performers, or comedians, or an MC, or DJ, etc. So my gear is ready to use but protected from harm. I’ve thought about using a guitar case, and modifying it to fit my needs. But the base might be too deep, and I would like the option of having the lid come off. And I don’t know how I would secure items from moving around during transport. I don’t mind paying for a custom case and board. It is a lot to expect out of a pedalboard.
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