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    hiking through landfills, household trash,riverbank pollution.

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  1. Great thing about alloy is it can be polished. Mothers aluminum mag polish works good. It also could magnesium? also can be polished with aluminum polish.
  2. I like that look. If I found that all dusty at a yard sale I'd lose my mind. The hardware would give it away. My old beat up Aria Jazzmaster copy has pit marks on the tuners and corrosion on the other small metal parts.
  3. I don't lose sleep over it, but I do take notice and pay closer attention to the person. Just me. I've been wrong about people before. And yes, I do like the real ones.
  4. Agreed, just like fake "Patina" on vehicles, just another way to try and be "cool." You can lump the majority of Harley riders in there too. "Hey man, look at me. I'm 25 and my guitar has 40 years of road rash on it."
  5. Hi, I'm Frank Pace, garbage engineer.

  6. Goin' down town gonna see my gal, yal.

  7. Liked rock climbing, dual sport motorcycles, playing drums, Rock music history, amature name that tune, official DJ during wed nights at Rufus' garage, designing, building bike trails, welding , building accy's for my bikes and 4x4's. Jeeps, F-series trucks from the 70's.

    Current hobbies, TV, youtube, lousy accoustic guitar playing.

  8. Don't fix up that crummy hotel over Washington square.

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