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  1. If Gibson made an import Telecaster, this might be it. Korean FMT Telecaster, DiMarzio coil tapped pickups, Gibson style switch. Skinny rosewood set neck, jumbo frets, contoured body with top binding, no pickguard. (Most of these have S-D pickups.) I bought this online thinking I'd rip the innards out and put them into a better guitar. When I got it and tuned it up, I decided this WAS the better guitar. This actually replaced a PRS with a rotary switch that I never liked, and sold. I'll take this deal anyday!
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    Takamine F340

    1977 F340, laminate guitar from Takamine. This thing has been a great traveler and player over the years since I got it in 1982. My only acoustic six-string for quite a while, until I added an F360S recently. About 15 years ago I had the neck refurbished -- grooved frets, mostly. It's just about perfect now. When I'm playing with somebody and we get our guitars switched, I always want mine back. For the money, I haven't played anything comparable. My friend's Alvarez Yairi used to be pretty good on a budget, but he lost that in a fire...
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