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  1. Hello I want to buy my first synth and I've been doing some research, however, I still need some help regarding a few general things before I decide which synth to buy. Please bear with my ignorance and thanks everybody in advance! The sounds that I want to achieve are not so contemporary and perhaps a bit underground (I'm attaching a few youtube links). My question is: Are plugins such as Massive or Serum capable of doing this? Or should I be looking for a more specific branch of hardware synths? If so, which ones? A friend of mine told me that for certain music, the contemporary softsynths are "so perfect, their tone so full", that it's not a good choice for such underground sounds. On the other hand, I've read that Serum or Massive can satisfy "pretty much any sound design need" as they combine many synthesis types. Do you think both of these songs are made using a subtractive analog hardware synth? And if so, would making it in Serum or Massive get you only so far? Thank you. Below are the links Aphex Twin Rhubarb Mount Eerie Synthesizer
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