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  1. Kawai K5000s for sale. Comes with manuals, floppy disk of sounds. Unit is in great condition. first 650 takes it. Thanks. PM ME
  2. Hi. I have a brand new sealed RME HDSP 9632 for sale with optional balanced cables. I'm willing to sell both for 480 Shipping included for USA. email me at neoloop at gmail.com or PM ME if interested. Thanks
  3. This is the full PCI version of the powercore. Works perfectly. Includes the much venerated X3 plugin not found on the element. In addition, Sony's irreplaceable INFLATOR is included and authorized to this card. You will get the original box and registration will be transferred if requested. 375 Dollars shipping included. At 375 dollars, this is the Price of a brand new inflator. It's like getting the PCI card for free! neoloop AT gmail.com
  4. NI Vokator for sale. Brand new in box. Box is in near perfect condition. Serial number is included and the item has never been registered. 100 dollars shipping included. Retails for 249. neoloop AT gmail.com
  5. This is already a collector's item. Handmade in Germany, the best endless rotary controller for NI's instruments. Forget kore, this is the best for straightforward controlling of your soft instruments. Straightforward with an LCD display for information on each knob. For more info: http://members.aol.com/uwekeinki/index.html AFAIK, these are no longer made. 500 dollars free shipping to any place in the world. I have references on Ebay if you need to see them. neoloop AT gmail DOT com replace "AT" with @, and DOT with "."
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