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  1. flagship doesn't mean "most well known" The power section doesn't matter since we're talking preamp gain saturation. And the sound difference is negligible that's all in how the speaker sounds in relation to the power its being fed.
  2. I wouldn't exactly call the rectifier their flagship series... maybe the road king... The mesa stiletto can get saturated like the 5150 and has a KILLER clean channel too... as does the VHT sig:x
  3. seemed like a legitimate concern. I went through this same thing a few years back. I had always plugged right into the amp and used a delay in the loop. As soon as I added ONE true bypass pedal to the front end of the amp I noticed a duller response from the guitar. Had to figure out myself that it was the extra cable and not the pedal. (was using mogami gold and monster studio pro cables)
  4. YOU NEED A GOOD BUFFER. the pitch black is true bypass so adding a true bypass loop is redundant and won't change the fact that you're running a 20ft cable to a pedal then another 20ft to the amp, THAT'S the problem
  5. bonks adventure!!!! hows about the turbo duo!!! or the 3 or 4 games that needed a genesis+sega cd+32x to run>?
  6. I know my OCD v3 sounds darker and muffled when placed AFTER my buffer. putting it right before fixed the problem. maybe (for the OP) there's a placement issue that would solve your problem as well. try plugging into the OCD first?
  7. For my money it was the Mesa Lonstar combo that had the best clean AND overdriven tone. I also really liked the bogner shiva and a couple Fuchs amps. The Mesa just had depth and dimension like none other and you could really fine tune the response and the shimmer (maybe cause the 1/2 open back cab is so deep and well built).
  8. Harmonics matter, and those frequencies extend up to the upper limits of human hearing. And yes an amp can "magically" have an altered tonal response in relation to capacitance and volume. It's called "tone" All good amps have a significant swing in response to how input stage see the signals volume/capacitance/resistance. Like how plugging your guitar straight into your home stereo would sound sterile and lifeless "toneless" All I'm saying is that the "tone suck" (in my opinion a loss or distorting of high harmonics) is because of the amp'sinput stage and present in the amp's input stage, and is not a frequency change. The pedal doesn't have to be changing the tone of the signal, that slight volume drop may be enough to change the amps response at the input stage. This is a very important part of the equation.
  9. I've got one like this with a natural finish the pickups SMOKE! http://www.proguitarshop.com/product.php?ProductID=436&CategoryID=
  10. I still think some of you guys are missing the entire point, as I stated in my post on the third page. The "tone suck" is perceivable THROUGH THE AMP because of the change in capacitance coming into the INPUT STAGE of your typical tube guitar amplifier. Measuring readings on the boss pedal itself is irrelevant. The tone loss is only appreciable through the guitar amplifier itself and through analog observation as I believe DA conversion would ruin the overtones. I hear the difference, I feel the difference, it's not substantial but it's there, and it's because I have a guitar in hand and have years experience on my setup practicing and recording for hours and hours a day that I'm so familiar with how my gear responds in one place in one room of my house, that the slightest thing that throws this off is immediately noticable. I go through A LOT of tubes, and I'm always experimenting with how different cables feel. Boss gear in front of my amp sounds worse than adding another 25 feet of cable. FURTHER TESTS ON BOSS PEDALS NOT NEEDED. further tests on the amplifier input stage while a guitar is actually plugged in will give you far better results.
  11. Yeah I agree with the 2nd guy above me It's not a frequency issue, the boss buffers add capacitance which is proved by the .8 decibel drop, however when you're delaing with how the amp interperets that signal, with the boss buffer it produces a duller version of your tone plugged straight into to amp. To be fair I will say that I hear and feel an appreciable difference even with one true bypass pedal in the signal chain. This is worse with a boss pedal which isn't true bypass because of the poor tone sucking boss buffer. That's why I own the wobo buffer/booster. So I can use my true bypass effects without added capacitance. BTW my DD20 has no effect on tone when its in my tube buffered effects loop. But does in front of my amp with out the wobo buffer/booster. Basically the measurements should have be done to the input of the amp and not the pedal cause thats where the problem is.
  12. The key to getting a "ballsy" OD sound in my experience is a lot of volume on the pedal to get some drive from your amp, thats probably why you liked to crank your bad monkey In all honesty though the OCD sounds great I love mine, but I don't use it on my clean channel so your milage may vary. The tube zone is really nice and very flexible you can control alot of parameters to tailor it to your needs.
  13. Theres got to be units around today that can do what that thing does for a LOT less than 5K
  14. Yeah right try to tell the people (or my family members) in Brazil that they are American, they would very much disagree with you. Considering almost the entire western hemisphere American is something stupid rich politicians want you to do, as it helps them move towards a "North American Union" in other words buying into this ideology in some ways helps the evil people of this country claim ALL those countries as theirs. It's a diplomatic invasion instead of a military one and every bit as barbaric. And governor Palin is an abomination to this country. SHE'S A F#$%ING CREATIONIST!!!! How brainwashed and devoid of logical thought do you have to be????
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