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  1. I have one of these bass guitars bought used from ebay, although I really wanted an SG bass but having tried one it wasn't for me having been spoilt by the EB3L many years ago!I have the 4 string version of this and what a delight it is, lots of tonal variation, loads of punch, this is a plain Jane with a huge sound!P bass sounds, J bass sounds, no problem, heavy low end Gibson sounds, it's there on tap!This a beautifully light bass with a tiger under the hood and the above comments are in no way exaggerated and this can put a huge grin on most people faces if they would give it a chance, but most are more concerned with how a bass should look!I noticed it had 2015 Thunderbird PU'S, that would account for the way it sounds and you could say this is a stripped down version of the 2.5K bass, but with none of the disadvantages! personally I will trade looks for performance any day of the week, a bass can look amazing, but sound shit, but this one looks cool with a sound that goes way beyond it's looks, one could wear this all night it's so light, for comfort, playability, tone and the sheer versatility of this bass, it ticks all the box's, Gibson in their rather confused state have produced a bass that sounds and punches well above it's price point in the shops, I rather like the way it looks, it's like the little blonde in the corner, that punches like Mike Tyson! THIS THING FUCKING ROCKS!
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