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  1. Oh no, Eurotubes is fine, never a problem. JJ's are another story. Too many failures for me. Redplate cafe. If you get JJ's, definitely opt for the 24 hour burn in. Most of my failures happened right away. I properly biased the amp but the sweep of Peavey's bias pot isn't wide enough to destroy an amp, a tube maybe.
  2. I've come a long way since this thread started. I finally found an Ibanez Prestige (RG5121) that is an amazing guitar. Made every other guitar I played or owned up to this point feel like a junky toy. I did enjoy my Schecter, but it disintegrated fairly quickly. Sustainiac failed first. Not sure it really worked correctly from day 1 anyway.
  3. How eloquent and true. I added an Ibby S61AL to keep my Schecter company today. I must say Fishman Fluence modern pick ups sound amazing. I'm totally done buying gear for a while. My wad is shot.
  4. I have the Invective 4X12 made of inch thick pine and it's one of, if not the best, sounding cab I have ever heard.
  5. This is one amp I've always wanted to own but could never find anywhere. Ive since given up. Enjoy your Cobra. Search for matching cab and buy it. You won't regret it.
  6. Roland JC 120. Made for pedals or for running a Boss GT through it. Also, the new Katana series of amps would do the chore.
  7. The only Laney amp I've ever heard in my life was something the guitar player from Krokus was using. Those are kinda few and far between in the states.
  8. Best response ever. I'm always confused by people who play a {censored}tily modded LTD with Blackouts or Invaders and want to know why the clean channel on their brand new Randall Satan amp sucks. Lol.
  9. Sadly, ALL these huge places are hit and miss .It's our fault though for ordering everything off of the internet and killing the smaller local stores. It is what it is...
  10. I'm using those right now in my Peavey Invective. It sounds killer I think.
  11. I've been recently reaquiring gear that I sold years ago when real life took away my hobbies. But now I've got some time and money again I've picked guitar back up. The Maxon OD808 used to be my favorite overdrive pedal. I saw the new red color X version and ordered it instead. Good idea or no? What you guys think?
  12. I learned a lot from this thread. Studied up on tubes and biasing my amp and can do it all by myself now. Thanks everyone. The invective is running Winged C's EL34's and all Shuguang 12ax7B's and sounds so sweet!
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