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  1. Thanks, daddymack for the reply. I wish I could test it myself. The thing is neither of them is available in my country. The fact is, I knew their existence only by coincidence from youtube, and I am impressed. My experience with Mosky has been very good and that is why I wanted to buy one of those pedals. I can only buy them via amazon, aliexpress ,etc. So, I was just asking opinion from people who might have compared those two since their tones are largely said to be typical. And I don't want to buy the same sounding pedal. That is why I asked it here and asked help. But Thanks for the input..I appreciate it.
  2. Hi, all. It has been a while since my last post. I need help again. I am thinking of buying either Mosky's amp turbo(green) or deluxe preamp(blue). Deluxe preamp is supposed to be, basically, an amp turbo with more switches. The problem is...I really like all the sounds of Mosky's amp turbo on youtube. But strangely, I don't like any of deluxe preamp videos. Amp turbo seemed more organic and pleasant to my ears than the deluxe preamp in those videos. Has anyone here compared those two? And what do you think?thank you.
  3. hi, just realized that my guitar old locking nut width is 42mm, while Gotoh only has either 41 or 43 mm. So, if I wanted to change the locking nut too, what is the effect if I use wider or smaller nut width? thank you
  4. Hi, @mrbrown49. Thanks for replying. But can you point out what you mean by "center distance" on the picture? I can't identify it in the picture. which one is the "center distance"? oh,my guitar cavity width is about 97 mm, and Gotoh's plate width is 91.5 mm. This is an enough room for setting in the gotoh, right? I did ask Gotoh,but they don't give a satisfactory answer for this. Thank you
  5. Thanks, badpenguin. I hope you don't mind clarifying my findings : I compared both of them again this morning, Unlike Gotoh, The OFR doesn't mention their own mounting and pivot studs dimensions. However, OFR does recommend a mounting route diameter( look at the red circles in my picture~ R5) and it looked like that the diameter is a bit smaller than the Gotoh's mounting stud diameter ( 10 mm vs 11.3 mm), Am I right?
  6. Hi,badpenguin. Thanks for replying and those inputs. I did compare both dimensions. The distance between my old bridge edges is the same with the Gotoh's (around 7.4 cm). And I don't mind with Gotoh's overall height either. However, what concerns me is whether I have to re-drill my guitar for the larger mounting studs (Gotoh). So, I thought, how about combining Gotoh bridge with my guitar's old pivot studs. Will it work and still function at its best? I apologize if you have actually answered this on your post. Thank you
  7. Hi, guys. I did post some questions about FR before in another thread, but since it was talking more about Chinese products, I will ask by making a new post. my question is: I am thinking of replacing my Licensed FR with Gotoh 1996. Why Gotoh and not OFR? Because the total cost ( price, shipping, taxes and fees to my country) is just too expensive, almost 3 times Gotoh) But I have compared my old bridge and Gotoh's dimensions. If I am not mistaken, Gotoh has larger studs than mine, and probably the OFR too. So, does that mean I have to make a new drill for those studs? Can i just use the old studs (I believe it is the same size as OFR) and also the old nut (R2) combining it with the rest of gotoh's? Thank you.
  8. [uSER=658630]badpenguin[/uSER], thank you. I will try to avoid them then. I guess the only way to go for me now is by getting Gotoh. I have a question about it. I guess I should ask in a new post about this.
  9. yup, Ibanez make their premium line here. However, they don't sell their parts here. The sole distributor of Ibanez here even recommend buying Gotoh if we want to upgrade the zero-edge bridge. But the size is a bit different than OFR or any other OFR licensed, as what I heard here. And I am actually looking for one to replace my old licensed OFR, not Ibanez ( I believe they have different dimensions). Thanks for the recommendations, guys. Btw, I just took a look on Ebay and there are also FR coming out from China. Should I just ignore them too? This counterfeit stuff really makes me sick:(
  10. so, where can we buy Floyd rose besides from floydrose.com directly? The shipping from the US to my country, Indonesia is so so expensive. They listed a dealer for my country but I tried to contact the dealer but no avail.
  11. hi,1001 gear, thank you for the video. sorry for replying late. I ended up buying the Mooer Solo 1 week ago and I am very pleased with this one. I haven't tried the Mosky yet, though, since the place I got the Mooer doesn't have the Mosky Crazy tone and I didn't have time to go to the shop who sells it, so I just grabbed that Mooer.
  12. hi, I also see a Floyd rose special being sold in Aliexpress. Are they real or fake? this is an example of them :https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32888291367.html?pid=808_0000_0105&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32888291367&aff_trace_key=ec6ac3ed129b43a696b4e0889e34a37d-1551366467977-09506-bQpV7f3S&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=7431amp-yYt-lWQW17tQeN_tqbojKA1551451453671
  13. Hi, I just asked this in another forum actually ,but I am afraid that not many people have used or compared them both, so I think I will ask it here too. So, here it is: Due to the budgetary constraints, I am considering buying a Riot clone and was just to buy a Mooer's Solo yesterday on a trusty online shop in my country. However, the Solo was ran out of stock and they suggested Mosky Crazy Tone instead. He said that they are just the same, but Mosky's is at the lower price. I thought that I would like to do research a bit about the Crazy Tone. But It seems that there is so little information about it. There are only small quantity of reviews about it. So, my questions are: are they really the same pedal with the same features and tone and built-quality? and Are they both equivalently noisy?I would really like the one which is less noisy. Please help. Thank you.
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