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  1. There ARE left / right indicators on the headphones! But a bit hard to see. There are stamped on the backside of the folding mechanism knobs . BTW., the pads are removable.
  2. Yes, Mackie is currently not selling replacements pads or cables. But it`s good to know that you can change both for cleaning, modding or in case of a damage. So you can look at least for third-party replacements. I bought an additional third-party 1.5m cable for my Notebook, other devices and situations were I don`t need the included 3.0m cable..
  3. There ARE left / right indicators on the headphones. Hard to see, stamped on the back of the folding mechanism knobs. Ear pads are removable, have a round form (9 cm), thickness is 2 cm (to front site of the head), 2.5 cm (to back site). So for best isolation, sound and optimal sitting the correct alignment of the headphone and ear pads is important. Cable is replaceable with standard 3.5 mm jack cable, if the body of the jack is not to thick (max. 9 mm) to fit through the hole of the headphone connection. Of course without locking mechanism, but that`s really no biggie.
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