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  1. I know it might result in bad feedback, but I'll give you $200 for it. That's twice what it's been won for on ebay. Just a thought. jstreetercook at gmail dot com
  2. Selling my Korg Oasys 88. I really love the board, but family obligations come first. It's in great shape, always kept either at church or in my home studio. Running OS 1.2.3. I'll be glad to ship at buyers expense from East TN. I can take cash, Paypal, credit/debit via Paypal, Money Order. The choice is yours. Not really looking into a trade, unless it is at least $3800 cash plus trade. Feel free to PM or email for specs, pictures, etc. jstreetercook at hotmail dot com Thanks!
  3. You'll probably need to come down more than 30.5 percent from the price I could get it to my door without even asking for any sorta of price cut from Sweetwater. If you've still got it on the market in a few months, I'll probably interested. Not trying to be rude, just my opinion.
  4. Down to $500 firm! Doesn't include shipping, but can meet near Knoxville TN.
  5. I'm selling my studio pc, as I've purchased a MacBook Pro. I'm asking $650 plus shipping, but I'm entertaining offers. Intel quad core processor at 2.6ghz 4gb ram 380gb hdd Ati Radeon HD2400 graphics card (supports dual displays w/hdmi) built in everything (wifi w/ access point mode, 10x usb, firewire, e-sata, digital coax, 5.1 surround, etc.) cd/dvd burner The list goes on... Software includes ProTools 7, tons of Waves plug-ins, Microsoft Office Enterprise edition, and others. Feel free to email johncook at southeasternaudio dot net, post, or private message. Thanks! John Cook
  6. I've got an old Zildjian A Ride that I'm looking to sell. Its 24 inches across, and in GREAT shape. Hasn't been used in years. I think it is a 70s or early 80s model, I'm going to try to run the serial. Feel free to ask for pictures, I've got some somewhere that I'm going to post. I think $150 plus shipping sounds pretty fair, as I'm not sure of the date. Sounds great, huge wash! John Cook 423-736-7281 jstreetercook@hotmail.com
  7. Hey guys n gals, I'm selling my DW9000 series remote hats. The thing has an 8 foot cable, real sturdy (like the double pedal), hardly used. I used the "stand" for about 3 months, and then retired it. I haven't used it much lately, so I'm letting it go to fund a mountain bike. It goes for $300 new, I'd say $200 plus shipping is fair. I've also got a 9002 double pedal, still has the sticker on the footboard. I'd like to keep it, but I'd let it go for the right price. Make an offer if you really want it! Thanks, and feel free to email for pics.
  8. Sending it to the top, lets get it sold!
  9. I'm selling my 76 key Triton LE. This board has the scsi sampling option installed. No problem shipping, and I'll only charge actual shipping. I'm located in 37814, near Knoxvile, TN. New price, first $500 takes it. Thanks! Jay Don't have pictures with me to post, but I can glady email pictures upon request.
  10. AKG C414 Limited Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic (see specs here http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/AKG-C414-LTD-Limited-Edition-Large-Diaphragm-Condenser-Microphone-?sku=270511) Need to sell quickly, asking $500, plus shipping and paypal fees. Great deal, as they go higher than this on ebay. This mic is in brand new condition. It is about a year old, and has been used maybe three times. Doesn't have plastic wrap over the case, everything else is mint. Ask for pictures! Jscook@cn.edu Thanks! Help a college student out!
  11. I'm selling a brand new C414 Limited ($1200). It was a good investment, but turns out I need the money for other things. More time is being spent doing mastering work now than recording anyway. Asking $900, looking to sell ASAP. Also have a PreSonus TubePre, an Audix D6, and a Korg Triton Le 73 with bag and amp. Thanks! John Cook
  12. I'm looking to sell my computer in order to build something a little differently configured. Asking $1500. This thing really rips! I've run ProTools 7 on it, running about 8 tracks, with heavy processing on each, never touched above about 6% cpu usage! Intel Q6600 quad core processor, 2.4GHZ 4GB RAM On-board wifi (with access point mode), 10x usb, 1x firewire 400, on-board optical and digital coax audio, on-board 5.1 audio, 3x external sata, 6x internal sata, 2x 10/100/1000 ethernet connections, the list goes on. CD/DVD burner with lightscribe ATI Radeon HD2400 PRO with HDMI connection, can run 1080p - I've run this thing on my 50 inch plasma screen display, it looks great. 500Watt PSU Motherboard has built-in heat piping for silent heat dispersion WD Caviar 250GB HDD Willing to purchase any OS and install if you'd like. It currently is running on Windows XP Home, can include XP Pro for no extra cost. Feel free to call at 423-736-7281 or email JohnCook@SoutheasternAudio.net
  13. Just like the title says. Born June 07. 10 ply maple, black satin finish, black hardware. Babied, only had it about four months, selling for $350 obo. Thanks. jstreetercook@hotmail.com
  14. Got a custom built PC for sale. Been in existence for maybe a month, and I'm looking to sell it to build something a little more powerful. I can install any OS you'd like, but Windows XP Home is currently running on it. The machine was inspected by a Microsoft Certified technician after its build, and is running wonderfully! Intel CoreDuo Quad core cpu @2.4ghz 4GB RAM Asus P5K mobo 500watt power supply DVD/CD/RW combo drive 350GB Internal HDD Radeon HD2400 video card Internal wireless, firewire, USB (x10), SPDIF audio out on mobo. Any questions just ask. Looking for $1800, but I'm willing to negotiate. Still have manufacturer's packaging for shipping. Email me at jstreetercook@hotmail.com
  15. korgan

    Shure Beta87C

    Shure Beta87C handheld condenser mic for sale. Used about four times in my home, been in its bag ever since. Not a scratch on it, sounds great. $150, plus shipping. Thanks!
  16. Hey all, Selling a Digidesign 96IO. Very new, I'd say within six months or so. Though it would be a wise investment, but now the money needs to go to urgent computer improvements. It was connected to a core card once, then set aside during some remodelling. I am taking pictures tomorrow, and can send those to anyone who would like them, via email. It doesn't have any scratches that I know of, but if I find anything I'll make sure to take pictures of specific blemishes. You guys and gals know what these things run new, no need to mark that. Asking $1000, but I want to sell it pretty quickly. Bigger projects booked = faster gear needed soon. There is one on ebay that just sold for $1200, one for $1175, two for $1150. You pay the shipping, but the first offer near $1000 takes it. Thanks so much! Jay jstreetercook@hotmail.com 423-736-7662
  17. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that from now (July 4th) through August 31st I can sell ANY Digidesign Protools HD systems (HD1, HD2, HD3, any interfaces, control surfaces too!) near cost, and possibly less if you email or call. I can beat any other prices in the nation prices no problem, just give me a ring. This IS NOT a scam, I urge you to simply call or email and I will gladly verify this. I am an employee of the nation's largest musical equipment supplier, and just wanted to pass this word on to everyone here at HC. Email address is jstreetercook@hotmail.com. I am located in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, and will glady assist anyone from here to Alaska. I'd prefer to keep my phone number rather private, so please email if you are seriously interested. I'll glad give out my cell number to any who are serious. Thanks so much all! I hope to hear from some of you soon!
  18. Ibanez AEB10E for sale. Gloss black, with case. Great condition. Email semellon@cn.edu for pictures or more information. Located in TN, 37760 for shipping purposes Asking $250 with case.
  19. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1544195 Not 58's, but 87's. Thanks.
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