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  1. Hey everyone. Looking to upgrade one (or both) of the transformers on my 2004 Crate V8 tube amp. This is all I got for info on the transformers: - Output Transformer: SLME 94-252-01 (071-10200-000-0) - Power Transformer: SLME 94-252-01 (070-10002-100-0) Several Crate's (and a few other amps if I'm not mistaken) used the same transformers. At this point I'm looking to get the last bit of glory that I can squeeze out of my amp. Already changed the OpAmp, speaker, tubes, and clipped two capacitors. Verne Andru style. An upgraded output transformer could get me better low frequency response and overall efficiency. There may not be anything out there, but I've come so far that I have to find out for sure now lol. If anyone knows anything please let me know!
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