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  1. Yes, I just went through this with my NP17C. Did a ton of research and will be replacing the preamp with a CTP3 tube preamp EQ. I first tried to clean the old AccurAcoustic EQ with control/contact cleaner. This did work for a while until the volume dropped and the EQ didn't work any more. I'm going to take apart the old EQ and see if it can be repaired. Replacement preamp EQ's are easy to find on Reverb.com or Ebay. Cheaper than buying a new guitar. I used a paper clip to get the old preamp off. I'd stay away from used, or repaired AccurAcoustic preamps due to the problems they have. Here's where I'm getting my new preamp: https://reverb.com/shop/addicted-to-tone-inc
  2. GPA

    Takamine Np17c guitar

    If something happened to this guitar, I would search for another. I would never consider letting it go.
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