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  1. I bet the FBQ 1000 coast some coin.
  2. so I have recently purchased the Fender G Dec 3-Thirty amp and am wondering why its considered a Digital rather than just solid state. Could it be its use of computer processor to achieve its function's. Also does any one know of how I could load my own backing tracks into it using the SD card or thru the usb connection.
  3. I will be buying a chours soon and have been looking at a lot of reviews The best sounding low priced one I think is NUX CH 3 $20 as for the dan's the milk shake sounded the best of thiers, Fender had a good sound $75. MXR was Good cost about the same as the fender
  4. 4/4 time at 2 sec apart you could call that Folk, soft rock that's the song man in the moon But it could be produced different and make it Lullaby or spycadelic ever straight Country
  5. What the Case is who wrote the song not who preforms the song, Andrew Loyd Webber Wrote A Contempry song Variations made into a Lp played by Rock Stars . But if this a partner ship I would say its 50/50 because with out the other the song may have never been made
  6. I am also impressed with Daneletcro Chorus Tone. clarity
  7. Does Stevey Ray Dress Like Zoro. Dose Steven Tyler need a mask.
  8. I do Know that what is known as a Bias control can make it sound more dirty or gritty and some Fuzz makers put them in their circuit's
  9. I have used clear fingernail polish.Once the nut is secured tight use a drop where the nut and thread show. Now to do it a diffrent way is to use some rubber cement on the threads The reason I do it this way is so the Nut can be removed easy latter
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