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    Kustom KBA-80

    I have a friend who had this amp and sold it to me for $100 because it 'didn't work right.' It was dirty pots. A can of DeOxit fixed 'er right up. I've had it 7 years now. He told me "KBA" stood for 'Keyboard/Bass/Acoustic' (what do I know), and I'd previously always used old Fender or Randall 'glow plug' (my Dad's term for tubes; they GLOW, and you plug 'em in) amps. Fat, sweet, and crunchy. You can't really get this amp to overdrive much, so you need a tone device (pedals, boxes, processors, busted pickups) to get the 70's hard rock fuzz, which is what I live for...fuzz, distortion, feedback and other general sonic atrocities. As a result of my habits and the era I grew up in, I am now deaf as a post and my two favorite words are "What?" and "Huh?" But I still live by my motto:IF IT'S TOO LOUD, YOU'RE TOO OLD!
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