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  1. Do you have a better way of changing two midi presets, turning one OD on, and another off, all with a single click for a seamless change moving from one part of a song to another? Complicated wiring and board real estate are way lower down on the priority list compared to tone and utility, for some.
  2. Absent Light from Misery Signals is absolutely fantastic. The 1975 is cool. Chvrches, awesome. Active Child, love.
  3. Oh cool! Didn't know he was going to be here. He's one player I want to model my lead playing around.
  4. SG + slide + Fender amp = Derek Trucks?
  5. You must not play with a lot of gain, or anything like a Les Paul.
  6. The Mark series amps are vastly superior. Robo has one, he should know better.
  7. I'd honestly rather have an Openhaus than a Recto. You have to crank them to unusably loud levels to get them to really sound good, and even at that, the only reason people think they sound good is because they know they were used on records, in which, the amps had been tweaked to death, run through thousands of dollars of outboard, possibly to tape, by experienced engineers.
  8. Played mine a bit. Can confirm sounds ridiculously good.
  9. $500 is not that much money. Consider something like the Kush Electra EQ, a 500-series EQ. In the world of pro audio, it's criminally cheap, and it goes for like $550? It has way fewer components, significantly less overhead and RD behind it, and only does one thing. It's a simple, analogue EQ. Yet at $500 it's an absolute steal. $500 for a built-in-the-USA device, with the A/D/A conversion quality, algorithms and processing power of the Big Sky is insanely reasonably priced. No it's not as cheap as a s#itty BluRay player made in China by robots. For what it is though, it can hardly be called "expensive." The clips also bear its value out.
  10. I've been curious about those cab sims...
  11. Yeah. Something that follows the Timeline and Mobius format.
  12. It's so hard to read things here. I really wish HC would hire a lackey to tweak the style sheet so things look the way they used to... it's like if a family member had a face transplant. Yeah, they're the same inside... but I'll be damed if I can look at you while I'm eating. Anyway... I'm thinking about getting an Organizer. Got an Iron Bell a few weeks ago. Killer tonez. Anything new going on in Pedaldom I should be aware of? Rumours are Strymon will have a multi-verb out before the year's end?
  13. You don't use pedals? Not even a Flying Tomato or an Echo Park? WTF? And you're in a new band? What happend to Banana Sausage Hotdog or whatever?
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