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  1. Yea yea I know, but I am writing this and the F#+ substitution for the minor third is so' Eagles', if music heaven is divided up in blocks, and you stumbled into the '7th floor, you would see the "Eagles' hall of fame on the wall.
  2. Well, one thing is certain, the 'Eagles' own the 'dominant 7th' dimension.
  3. Here we go again, humor me, right now I am playing B natural minor key in my head. But since dualism has us split into two, my mind only plays D relative major. 🧐 So, my heart, is jumping back and forth. :>)
  4. Whoops! You are right, I will go back and fix it, yea I am staying inside the coloring lines on this one, so yea, I meant 'D' Ionian'. I felt it in my fingers as I was typing it, thanks for the quality control. But yes the key kind of gives it away, and yes with 'D' as its relative major. Thx again
  5. This is what is running though my veins, over and over, but I finally got it today 2/4 108 bpm Melody lines = D Ionian (fixed it) Harmonies = B Aeolian Key Signature = B natural Minor
  6. I am down with the new VST's, strings and all. While they are an engineers nightmare, or can be I suppose, they are a song writers delight. MIDI/usb/AIO etc...bring it on. Yes the click can be a culprit but #methinks maximum volume has timbre, accent, emphasis, force, inflection, intonation, modulation, resonance and tone color all but gone, feather touch, nah! Too bad, but I think it will make a come back somehow, I just wish the engineers would have walked out when the first customer paid for over driven compression. There may be studio's that have gone back I don't know, it would be nice though.
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