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  1. Many Martin's produce the signature Martin low end sound, but for me, many guitars can do that, my concern about Martins is the neck size and profile, I fought it for years and then just gave up. The number one requirement to meet when choosing a guitar is the fit in your lap and hands. Is the guitar part of your body, can you play it without special sitting or twisting. Is the neck too small , too large, etc... In my opinion.
  2. I owned a Kathy Wingert for awhile and then sold it for $12,000 USD. Was it worth the money? Yes, to the individual that bought it. As far as the tone, well, it lived up to it's material but it wasn't for me, the BRW was too bright believe it or not. i prefer EIR. Sometimes you live and learn, I was glad to get my investment money back and then some. Would I buy it again? No.
  3. Hi, anyone have any input on this brand and model?
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