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  1. Thank you, Phil for the great review of the Pedal-lock and to everyone who took the time to comment. When trying to find a solution for my daughter for her sustain pedal slipping, all the solutions had short comings such “oh no! I forgot to pack the tape, glue, rubber mat, zip tie, etc. and some were messy, possibly leaving goo behind on someone else's stage. Some were bulky and difficult to use on a small stage and looked gaudy and unprofessional. All these solutions required constant replacing, so therefore constant money being dished out. With the Pedal-lock it is one and done! I believe Pedal-Lock is the best all-around solution for sustain pedal slippage. It not only can handle several pedals, it can just be folded up with the keyboard stand even while the sustain pedal is still attached. Remove and use the straps to safely bundle your cords. A bonus benefit is that it reinforces the strength and stability of the keyboard stand. It has several other applications such as drums, guitar, sewing machines, power tool pedals, etc., whatever you can think up! If you are interested, go to http://pedal-lock.com/about.php and read the whole story of how the Pedal-lock was created.
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