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  1. Merry Christmas everyone, and yes i know, RTFM But i was just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head if the POD XT Live pedal had an octave down function, and if so, how to access it. I just want to click a button or press down on the expression pedal and have my guitar shifted an octave down. Is this possible or do i need to buy another pedal? Thanks.
  2. i would be more put off by War Of Ages sounding just like As I Lay Dying 4 years ago then by another band praying before their set
  3. Amen. Incredible band. Great live band too, seen em twice, though thanks to "a favor house atlantic," i never saw them at a tiny show like i've always wanted And this song isn't SO hard to sing and play if you practice it constantly, which is what he does. I used to kinda sorta be able to do it after a couple weeks of practicing
  4. 100% awesome take off the locking nuts though
  5. 18. Gear is in sig. 5150 II setup at home, X3->PA here at school. As far as some more "specifics", I have a Tele and an Agile LP in standard tuning/drop-D, and an LTDM1000 and a 7-string in B/Drop-A. Me and the other guitar play I jam with each take one depending on what song we're playing. If we ever play live/with a drummer again, it's X3 into PA for one and 5150 II for the other. It's a pretty good deal IMO.
  6. i am sure you do; but you have to admit it's hard to create a memorable vocal melody over a 37 note chromatic riff in 16/5 timing:poke: well yeah, that's why you put the memorably vocal melodies over the other guitar parts and i don't even care about the weird riffs, i'm more referring to song structure, and all the people boo-hoo-ing that people don't just do intro-verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-solo-chorus-outro anymore
  7. http://www.wikihow.com/Pig-Squeal-(Bree) what's funny about that is that JFAC doesn't do inhales :poke:
  8. That also relates to the overcomplication of music as welll; but thats another story. eww i hate this argument :poke:
  9. its a lot easier to be self conscious when it comes to actual singing IMO, at least that's how i've always felt about it. I'll growl and scream and bree and do whatever and not really care too much about how it sounds because it's more about what i'm trying to communicate, but singing is just really embarrassing when you dont do it just "right." Plus, when you add to that the fact that most dudes that want to "sing" would rather go get laid in a Journey cover band ...
  10. Whoever pays the most cash to plaster my mug over their guitar ads. +1 except schecter, {censored} them :poke: But in all seriousness, I'd go with ESP/LTD, so I could get badass custom guitars that aren't completely covered in {censored}ing abalone.
  11. hey, is there a constant tempo for these drums, or does it shift? I'm finally getting my own personal Mac laptop this weekend, so I'll throw down some {censored} in garageband, probably
  12. eBay is the new Metallica. win but yeah i payed 80 bucks for shipping when i bought my RG7321 it was coming from canada though, and it still ended up at about 250 shipped, so meh
  13. ... btbam's vocals are wretched. +1 they need to either be more instrumental or find a growler who can actually growl, and let tommy play guitar/synth and sing clean parts
  14. This thread has the lowest standard of English I've seen in a long time. 80% gibberish. that was the point, they were making fun of the OP / 10
  15. Wow...Thats exactly how I feel about Barak Hussien. hah you sound like such a douche in this post
  16. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit
  17. There's a 7 string tele in the works from Agile. Check out sevenstring.org for info. seems like its just an idea to me the ones they posted aren't very cool looking either, i wouldn't want something that's just Tele + a string :poke: see, there we go
  18. there are 7 string tele's around, stephen carpenter from deftones got a few built for him by ESP, there are rumblings of them making them production but it's probably just wishful thinking, though I am admittedly one of the wishers
  19. besides being a second rate glassjaw/head automatica clone (who both suck horsecock anyways) what the {censored} have fallout boy done worth a {censored} besides give people like you something to cry about on those really lonely nights? Since when does Fallout Boy even kinda sound like Glassjaw? And how the hell could Falloutboy copy Head Automatica when they started 3 years before them, and released their debut LP a year before HA did? The fact that you completely fail makes me not even care about the retarded ass {censored} you ended your post with
  20. I would say the hate fall out boy receives is relative to their success. Less successful less hate would be going on, the more successful such a band gets the more people hate it. its less about the amount and more about the type of hate. IMO, they simply don't deserve to be lumped in with All American Rejects and Cute Is What We Aim for and all that mess, pop rock bands that had like instant huge success.
  21. This post is a contradiction. Emo to me is just alternative rock, but the more creative side, as in not Nickelback grunting about wanting to be a rockstar. I think of, (in order off of my iTunes) The Almost, Anberlin, Angels and Airwaves, As Tall As Lions, Augustana, Cartel, Circa Survive, Coldplay, Copeland, The Dandy Warhols, Death Cab for Cutie, Embrace, Frou Frou, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Lovedrug, Mae, Modest Mouse, Motion City Soundtrack, My Morning Jacket, Number One Gun, Saosin, Sleeping at Last, Smashing Pumpkins (yeah, they're grunge, but they're also very similar to today's good emo), Starflyer 59, Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, This Day and Age, Thrice, Underoath. These are good bands, some pretty rockin and some not so much, but none of them wear makeup or cry on stage about wanting to cut their wrists. So what do we get to call them? We say emo for lack of a better word, but I doubt that when people speak of emo on these boards they are referring to Hawthorne Heights, or My Chemical Romance, or Fall Out Boy BECAUSE THEY SUCK! Whatever, I usually just don't talk about these bands because they aren't liked around here, but a lot of them should be, they are great. And I think, with a little concentration, all of you metalheads could probably even listen to a song or two and still come out heterosexual, if that's how you began. Just be sure to hold each other's wrists for safety. Anyone out there going to back me up? I will, except I'm gonna throw in my standard response of "Fallout Boy doesn't deserve even HALF the hate they get from assholes around here and just in general." oh yeah, and OWNED on the Keystone Light post
  22. sorry no love for emo, not everyone but a lota emo guys and bands blame women for their own personal shortcomings also i can't stand the music, im no homophobe but i can't stand listening to rich spoiled as {censored} losers cry in the microphone and sympathize themselves, while they wish they were dead because they're too weak and ugly to get girls, also horrible music composition and lack of fret boarding skills doesn't help feel free to express your self but FYI makeup, wrist cutting and nail polish doesn't help the case and belive me im no metalhead, yeah i listen to at the gates play hi-gain and shred my 5150II, but i listen to more, boards of canada, MIA, pink floyd, kanye west, digitalism, jazz, sonic youth, smashing pumpkins too, im completly open minded, even to country music but knowing everyone who labeled themselves "emo", my advice is quit talking and annoying ppl about killing yourself, get over emo or do it you're not thinking of emo you're thinking of losers who spend their whole lives on myspace it's a common mistake if you're {censored}ing retarded
  23. This. {censored}ing this. +1 yet another argument for a rape smiley oh and i usually play metal, but i still probably play enough stuff considered "emo" to satisfy you people. or at the very least, i defend the word and people associated with the word enough to be called an "emo" myself
  24. So, 99% of the world thinking AC/DC and Cannibal Corpse are the same thing means...? And, as usual, BrendanO comes into a topic and makes everyone look like a failure.
  25. me always second guessing whether my songs are total bull{censored} or not
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