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  1. I cannot really speak relative to GFS parts... I do not use them.. but if it works... you can easily conceal the appearance with superb playing.... r
  2. eMail me.... ron@ronkirn.com. and are the pickups vintage style... Forbon bobbins with the 6 rod magnets? rk
  3. how 'bout a "dry fit" and some good sharp photos to see what's going on.... that way we can be more precise in our recommendations.. r
  4. Poly can chip or crack.. I'd warm it with a hair dryer first. it softens the finish slightly so its easier to cut.. r
  5. it really depends on the placement of the tremolo but it rarely takes more than about 1/16 inch or 2.5mm.
  6. Sorry. I have some kinda spell checker that just guesses what you were gonna say and fills it in automatically.. sometimes I miss "corrections" when I check before I click post reply.. yeah Hobby Knife Like an X-Acto.. r
  7. I would remove the wood, use a hobby life or something.. even if you screw it up, the guitar still functions perfectly... but, screw up the tremolo and its toast...
  8. Often the Wilkinson and the Gotoh will require a little "Dremel work" to accommodate the tremolo fitting... it's easy and the base plate of the tremolo covers it...
  9. Oh, let me add... both are superb tremolos and little will be gained by making the swap.. so you may want to reconsider... Ron Kirn
  10. the Gotoh has a post spacing Center to Center of 56 mm. its not negotiable... the Will has a nominal spacing of 56.8 mm but the way it's designed it can adapt to some variation... so simply measure the existing posts center to center Dan you can answer your own question.. hope this helps..
  11. well. truth be k mown, were hearing far more of the room's acoustic footprint than that of the guitar and it's components. Few realize what happens to the sound, and the tone after it leaves the speaker's cone.. here's a couple of really great threads discussing this very thing.. https://www.tdpri.com/threads/venue-acoustics-and-how-to-control-them.966582/ and . . https://www.tdpri.com/threads/sound-reinforcement-pa-a-guide-to-making-live-sound-work-for-you.967693/ rk
  12. Gardo's correct. to check. you need a simple VOM. otherwise called a Multimeter.... many have a continuity check position where when there leads are touched together you hear a beep . . or a LED comes on.... you simply touch each of the VOM test leads to teach of the pickups leads.. if you hear a beep, or the led comes on.. the pup is good... if not.. there is a break in the circuit. ... if so. try the tip I mentioned above... Here's one that's pretty inexpensive: https://www.amazon.com/AstroAI-Digital-Multimeter-Voltage-Tester/dp/B01ISAMUA6/ref=sxin_0_ac_d_pm?ac_md=1-0-VW5kZXIgJDE1&hvadid=3483219442&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=vom&pd_rd_i=B01ISAMUA6&pd_rd_r=38d74f5b-3634-4796-8e25-9e105617d550&pd_rd_w=AVlU9&pd_rd_wg=DSmBM&pf_rd_p=be5d8dec-444e-4770-91df-1e16a8c46da8&pf_rd_r=FKN3EGASSQBBEPG9X1VX&qid=1564583934&s=gateway Note on the pix of the VOM. between the 4 and 5 o'clock position you will see a little Dot with curved lines radiating from it.. and another icon of an arrow pointing to a sideways T that's a diode symbol.. (sorry if you're an EE sometimes ya need to keep it simple) that's the continuity check position on that VOM for VOMs that do not have a continuity position, ya put in on one of the mid range. kilohms positions... like, say, 20K .. then when you touch the pup leads you will see the DCR on the meter... usually should be somewhere between 5K and 10K ... but if you see zero.. the windings are broken internally and the pup must be rewound.. r
  13. if diagnosing a short isn't fruitful... try simply reheating the solder points on the pickup where the leads are attached to the bobbin... this is more common than many realize... just touch a solder tool to the contact add a touch of fresh solder, let it harden and check it.. rk
  14. if they all died, then it's the wiring... possibly the switch... if they all got Dyed... yeah we can see that... rk
  15. it's marketing bull ... in an attempt to compel "you" to want something you never thought of, don't need, and almost certainly doesn't do what it's promoted to do.. ya know. . . like a politician's election commercial.. rk
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