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  1. Awesome review You have convinced me to check out this book. Do you know if it is available as an audio book?
  2. Excellent article. I had this problem on my last tour: I couldn't switch off and on my external devices and had to physically do so moving back and forth. So just to get this right: Can this handle several devices at the same time?
  3. I agree with you on change being good, and I like the vision of "planting seeds of making music". I am Scandinavian and very big component in our musical training over there are cultural centers funded by the government that will pay teachers, buy gear and stage regular concerts. Here in USA (I assume most readers are in the US, myself live in NJ) it is different. Who will provide a platform that can nurture future talent? One thing I'd like to see more writings and interviews on is how different churches have nurtured todays talent. Has anyone done a deep study of this? is
  4. Interesting article. I want to talk about something that feels a little left field, but I think is very important here. Albert Bandura, a social scientist (Stanford University) did a huge study on "why we do what we do" (observational learning). This seems farfetched, but I started thinking about this: "What Gibson playing guitar hero are kids looking up to today?" Bandura argued that a lot of what we do is done because we observed others before us. He mentions age, sex, emotional connections as big triggers for why we observe and learn. Secondly: Technology has always moved hand
  5. Thank you for writing about Chris Cornell. I enjoyed your little article here. I think what is mentioned in here as the thought process behind "Higher Truth", how stuff fills our everyday but makes us feel hollow at the same time, is true. I wish for one that his life and others can lead to an honest debate about drug and substance use. Cornell battled this for big parts of his life and his wife suggests that his suicide might have been driven by a relapse or an . accident with drugs he was taking. It is widely accepted that pot (marihuana) will be available soon on the legal ma
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