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  1. I find it much easier to use since the control board is already integrated into the setup. You don't have to worry about making the foot controller talk to the processor, etc... Also, when I used a rack system I spent hours wiring the stuff into the fx loop vs the front end of the amp... now I just plug the Cat V cable from the foot controller to the front of my rack and I'm ready to go... This is one of the G-System's best features. I'd always been bummed that TC didn't have an online patch library. Looks like someone's trying to start one here. http://tcgpage.com/index.php. Good luck. I know there have been lots of folks slamming the G-System, but I really love mine. I've had it over a year and have had no problems that weren't overcome by spending a few minutes to understand how the system was designed to work... thx. i see this thing easy to use.
  2. is g-system hard to use? compare with rack unit midi? thx
  3. could behringer midi pedal use to rocktron rack?
  4. behringer to808 nice one with od100. if u wanna screamer u should buy maxon. that the great one.
  5. Sounds like Walters9515 has a follower any info about this thing? i couldn't find any info. thx Mr. Zachman which u choose between rocktron chameleon or art sgx-2000?
  6. i finally pick peavey rockmaster preamp rack. what do u think? what should next rocktron or digitech? i like nice modulation and like play wah, pitch pedal and octave.
  7. Aloha Boogieman, Mpx-1 is another fantastic suggestion. It seems like this guy wants some pedals that will be like a line 6 pod xt live, but with GOOD tones that would be found in an Eventide for $200. BTW, do you have any ideas where I can buy a pet unicorn, for cheap??? sorry about that, cause i'm not familiar with rack. that's why the reason is. if any good i would like to try it. lexicon for modulation right? or what?
  8. kind heavy to bring my amp live. that's way i need floor fx. the sound metal distortion, 80's rock and blues rock.
  9. sorry newbie. i prefer using floor than rack. any advice beside zoom?
  10. The same one that came with the $200 Ferrari ?????
  11. which multi-effect had warm clean and brutal distortion?
  12. Need help to buy multi effect. need nice sound, recording and live. no need great as analog cause never beat that things.
  13. +1 digidelay. nice features and quality. digidelay should compare with echopark line6.
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