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  1. RTR - Excellent article Mr. Jarrett. That tells it just like it is for those of us who love to own and play our Gibson instruments. Around 1965 a Fender Stratocaster went for $259.50-$329.50. It was made from a slab of Ash with body contouring, standard electronics and a bolt-on neck. Pure simplicity, manufacturing genius, and the standard of an industry to this day. A Gibson Les Paul Standard went for $305.00 and was made from a slab of mahogany, sometimes 2 pieces, carved and channelled for electronics and a carved maple top, with a set, angled neck and binding. Pure artistry and one-of-kind tone for days. I once brought home an early 60's Melody Maker from the pawn shop and my non-musical Dad commented how extremely well made it was. Does anyone else get the idea that Gibson has always tried to give us an instrument as well made as it can be, at a price we could afford? All guitar makers on earth have shown us some crappy instruments through the times. But also some real keepers. It is a monumental task to provide a quality product year after ever-changing year and still keep a loyal following of your products. All I know is, through 52 years of buying and playing guitars, mine still say Gibson on the headstock. And those of us who are still playing our Gibson guitars, will find that now or later, more-than-likely, when we go looking for another one, only a Gibson will be good enough. Go Gibson!
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