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  1. I live in Allentown Pa., Billy Joel wrote a song about Bethlehem Pa. which is right next to us. The Bethlehem Steel was an icon for ages and employed mucho folks.It was literally a steel plant city, huge. It folded about 25 years ago. I don't understand how an industry like this can implode!?!? It is now a proud casino, yeah it still employs people, but not of the "living" wages that "The Steel" paid. Point is, a lot of the "higher up's" left extremely rich (see Strascak's post) the working folks....not so much. I believe this same scenario is at work here, it's Americans screwing Americans!! This is not a "kicking Gibson when their down post", this is more on the lines of the Bail Out for the banks that were "to big to Fail" in the 1980's and when said folk's got the "Bail out Money from the tax payers" they proceeded to award their ceo's with bonus checks!! (remember that?) Long live Gibson (truly guitar/stringed instument artistry). Having said that....... WYF happened??
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