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  1. Don't forget that stimulous payemnts are funded soley by borrowed money and just increases an already unpayable national debt (now up to $906M per person incl. public debt, SS and medicare shortfalls etc.). So make sure every penny you get goes to effects pedals. The dollar may devalue, the economy finally crash, massive crime and unrest in the streets and all that comes with the effective storming of the gate but the heck with that, you'll have great tone
  2. I responded to a similar thread in the effects section Used to be on every day in the later 90's and early 00's until everything seemed to go away here. Had three guitars when I started, 26 when I left Between this site and TGP, it seems like it cost me more money than the entire 39 1/2 years with the wife (so far)
  3. J - E - T -S JETS JETS JE ... oh just put me out of my misery .....
  4. Used to read this forum several times a day in the late 90's, early 00's. Got me through many loooooong and boring conference calls. Inspired me to fill up (and I mean FILL up) a bedroom which has given me a quarter century of some of the most pleasurable moments of my life. Much of what I have in my little music room is a direct result from the advice from posters then and their review of gear. Some of it worked out great (Anderson guitars) and some not so much (Eric C. Brown guitars). Got shelves full of pedals (almost a full wall), boxes of multi effects, a couple of amps (remember that TE
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