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  1. Hi all,,, I'm wanting some freaky, psych (not tie-dye) grill cloth for an amp project. This particular pic is of a National, iirc, & the other pic is currently from ebay. Thnx & be safe!!
  2. It's a Bogen HE-10 mono P.A. amp, very cool small amp, to be modded. This is how it was done in the 50's, and I've seen a lot of worse factory jobs, like Bell & Howell, and Masco ~~
  3. Hi all,,, I'm in need of a funny looking 250 ohm, 5 watt resistor that goes across one of the filter cans... here's a pic, & what do they call it, & will ANY 250 ohm 5 watter work? I don't want to get the wrong thing. Thanks again ~
  4. Thanks all! It's a Bogen 2x6v6 mono amp that's getting a makeover. I simply opened it, ran a wire that linked the 2 -- pins of the connectors, and ran another wire from the 2 bridged + posts on the connectors, that is also bridged to that ohm selector. There an unused hole on the back chassis awaiting a 1/4" jack!! While I have you all I need a funny looking 250 ohm, 5 watt resistor that goes across one of the filter cans... here's a pic, & what do they call it? I don't want to get the wrong thing. Thanks again ~
  5. Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:28 pm Hi & hope all is well. Kindly check my pic and tell me how to easily run +/-- cables from these ancient speaker connectors. I did see a picture from someone who dangled wires, but I lost it & can't find it, but still it didn't differentiate + from -- I'd rather run & dangle wires than start drilling & installing 1/4" jack's. Do I simply open it up & check the hot & ground, & drag wires? And what about Impedance? Thanks all Kenny
  6. ksl

    JJ EL844?

    Hi all,,, although their output is probably less than their EL84 counterparts, but can they handle the voltage of an AC30, or a Boogie DC3? Thanks
  7. Thanks friends. I finally got a reply back from Guitarelectronics.com, who said they would accommodate my needs at no extra cost, & their prices are good!! Be well~
  8. Hi all,,, where can a guy get a few of these either in 300k to 350k, +/-10% max, short 1/4" shaft, split & knurled, or not, only if I really need to...,,,.forget Mouser! Linear & Audio! Thanks & be well~
  9. Thanks Mack, it's actually funny, & don't let my urgency for quick & reliable info slow you down,,, we all can use a little levity,,, btw, it's an Oster~~πŸ€”
  10. Thnx, Gardo~ This is my main Strat that has seen more pickguard swaps in the last 40 yrs than you could imagine. The middle p/u is a beast of a Dimarzio SDS1, but I sits low & works well,,, but notice the tone I never really use on the end, & the middle knob is the 'Blender Pot', with a lefty knob that goes from 10 to 0 since as you go clockwise & the pot is out of circuit!!
  11. Yeah, I need a 5mm. Funny, when I went to HD to use their displays to see where my whammy comfortably screwed into, & the 5mm was missing!!,,,but the 10-32 was too small, 6mm too big, and i bought a 5mm bolt which fit perfectly on the guitar. Thanks!!
  12. DADDYMACK, yer funny, & maybe knowledgeable on guitar electronics, but you're not helpful or entertaining.... & it would better serve the room for you to stick to the script, & thanks for your lack of assistance.
  13. Can I simply use a regular pot as a blender knob? Thanks all & be well!
  14. Thanks for the info, guys. It's off to home depot! FYI, I have one of those threading devices, & I was able cut a 6mm down to 5mm w/no issues. Normally I wouldn't take such 'measures', but it was an older thick, & almost straight that I simply loved. peace & be well~
  15. Hi all, I just got this guitar for a steal, an 80's E Series MIJ Strat Squier. My 6mm bars are too big, another unknown width one is too small. What to do, what to get? Preferably a shorter Gilmour-style bar. Be safe & stay well~~ πŸ•‰
  16. You're a bad penguin, a very bad penguin!! Great stuff, & be well~ πŸ•‰
  17. Cool, MRBROWN,, could you kindly & easily trace this out for me or direct me to a good schematic? Thanks
  18. Hi all,, I understand there's lots of variables, but typically, do you get better quack using the North or South coils of your bridge HB, in conjunction with rwrp SC middle? And same for which coil would better quack opposite the neck SC, if I had that option? Thanks & stay well~~ πŸ•‰
  19. Hiya,,, Owning 2 Fernandes Sustainers, hopefully I can help. First, when you insert your cable into the guitar, is there an indicator light anywhere, on the rear circuit cover, o the front? If not, get a fresh battery that you know works, and if you don't have effect pedal-like battery connects that you can't screw up, make sure you insert it the right way. On both my guitars, with the Sustainer toggle off(down), all of your pups should work normally, whether you have a 3 or a 5 way, a make sure things are normal. When you switch on the Sustainer, the bridge pup should be on all the time along w/the Sustainer. You mean when you have the neck pup on, you get regular p/u sound and no sustaining? Does your neck pup have to Sustainer coil as well as a regular pup coil? One of mine as a Sustainer only neck, while my other one has dual purpose coils. The Sustainer neck up on the red guitar doesn't work & the great folks s Fernandes told me I definitely need a new board!! Did it ever work properly? & who owned it before you? Kenny πŸ•‰
  20. Hi all & hoping most of you are well,,, I've been to Schaller's site, where their 'foolproof' instructions are tailored for a typical 3-knob setup, while my need is to how to translate the final outputs coming off the switch to my 1Vol-1Tone setup. And of course I tried to contact them via email, forgiving the difference in time zones, it's been more than a week. Thank you for your attention.
  21. Good day all,,, I just received my switches, & though Schaller gives foolproof instructions on their site, I need to know how to wire the MEGA E & E+ switches for master Volume + master Tone,,,2 knobs. Thanks very much in advance & be well~~
  22. "Vv⁰Thnx for the tips. I'm probably going to guy it, going with a Schaller MEGASWITCH E, giving you the N&B instead of the middle by itself, and all other positions still the same. Be well~
  23. Hmmm,,,,Hope you're all doing well,,,, Check this out,,, I picked up this 80's Strat E-series, wonderful creme, & when plugged it in 1,3,& 5 were fine, hum & all, but 2 & 4 were out of phase & HUM in #2,,,, Okay, so I opened it up,, all the whites were to hot, blacks to ground, so I anyway swapped the wires on the middle pup & now they're all in phase, got my quack back, but now 4 is humming,,, do I have to live the rest of my life with hum in 2 or 4?? I'm cursed,,,, hopefully these pics will get us somewhere...FWIW, the B/M/N measure 4.7/5.97/4.81, respectively. It looks like a 'set', but isn't the bridge p/u usually the hottest?
  24. Gardo & Keith Holland got me.. like I said very good deal, nice guitar, & not a big deal if were to skip it.... Just curious~
  25. Hey there again~ Take a look at the photo & let me know if this is doable, having a 'real' guitar guy make room for a 22nd fret on this neck? I'm a stickler for having that extra 1/2 note, but the guitar is local, cheap, and a good platform for my pickguards I'm slapping together. To my naked eye, it looks like there's enough room, especially not needing to be ultra concerned about intonation,,,if you're up that high, not a whole lot matters... Thanks for the ops!!
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