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  1. Daddymack,very true, but when I seek an answer, or a trail of breadcrumbs, get a joke or sarcasm,,,,, lemme re-group,, I need a mini hbucker for my neck that's got a nice bluesy neck sound,, with definition,, A5? Thanks all, & thnx daddy,,,,
  2. Thnx daddymack for your endless unbecoming, self-amusing wit & humor & your lack of anything useful to offer. 'FOR RECORDING PURPOSES', playing with the guitar on 10 thru a clean amp setting is different than playing through a cranking o/d'n amp & keeping your guitar on 5... When playing live, it's a ballgame as you called it, but for my above desires, I want to know more about the p/u's personality, & not yours!!
  3. Howdo all!! For the neck of this beauty i just recently happened across at GC, & cheep, & what F'Bird p/u would lend me the nicest ballsy but classic neck sound, that would also be tender & sweet playing clean, plus in the #4 pos.? fWiW, as she sits, the bridge is 13.77k, middle at 7.83k, & the neck's a beefy 16.000001k.... I dunno, I'm just not used to these kinda #'s,,well not lately,,,, Can i have both bluesy/ballsy AND when clean, sweet & w/definition in one puppy? Mostly for recording.... I know SD's got 3, the ('Seymourized'??), & then there's everyone else, ya' know!! ... oy,,, Thnx in advance~~
  4. ksl

    ISO Cabs??

    Hiya,, this path my be a life changer, & the two that caught my eye were the Mojotone 1x12, the Jet City, & add in the Randall.... Any good, any one one better than the other,,, & truly a solution for apartment recording with a 20w or so amp? Thanks all!!
  5. I screwed up & accidentally knocked the black wire from the on/off switch to wherever it's supposed to go. From my pic, it looks like it goes to some contact on the input, where there are already two blacks,,, one that goes to the output, & the other to the DC & diode lug,,,
  6. Good eve' all~ I'm having in issue with this older (but not Uber vintage) Ibanez Tube Screamer, that when I got it used, the pedal did not light up or work with a fresh battery & cables inserted. I checked for positive continuity between the battery holder lugs & their associated connects. But it works just fine when using it in my pedal board, powered by juice from the wall. Once, I was able to get a momentary flicker of light out of it by fiddling w/the wires & battery instered, but I couldn't do it on command & try to trace the culprit. The pedal did come with an intermittent on/off button, but that was easily replaced with the exact same button. Any thoughts, or other not so obvious checkpoints? Many thanks in advance~~ Stay safe & be well!!
  7. Greetings one & all~ Just curious to know if anyone has had any experience or confrontation with what's known as a GIBSON/BELL BA15-RV,, not the GA, but the BA? I've owned & still have oodles of Gibsons, like GA20, GA20T, GA40-T, & a Bell GA78 w/trem, no verb, & 2xP10Q's,,& it was ONE of the 2 best amps I've EVER owned,, with a VOX AC10-Twin being #1,, and I'm getting 'A.A.S.',,, 2 6v6, 5y3, 3x6eu7's & a 12au7, & a P12R,, Here's a mugshot, & please, DO tell of your thoughts. Many thanks in advance!!
  8. Good evenin' all~ Kindly tell me where i can get a soft touch button switch (no traditional hard click) for this pedal... a link or direction to Ebay or AES, or even SD, would be much appreciated. As and aside, this pedal works only when i use the juice from the wall,, nothing using a fresh battery.... I had it open a while back, & all I got was a few really quick flashes of light,,, something that I was unable to dupe on command ... Logically, the 1st thing is to do would be to replace the battery leads,,, w/the Red going to the AC input jack, & the Black going to a lug on the input jack? thanks in advance!!
  9. By inexpensive I meant around $100,,, I think it's down to the M234, TC Corona, or a Boss CE-3,,, ??
  10. Howdy all, & thanks DaddyMack, & tell me more about this buffer,,, is it a box, & where does it go & do? After doing some research & consulting my ouija board, it's probably down to the TC Electronics stereo Corona & the MXR M234,, but from what someone what claims, onbthe MXR, the one output is dry while the other is the wet one,,, & that's not what I seek,, I want both outs to be 'effected' & you get this outrageous soundstaging that when I last had one it was a DOD FX65,,, So maybe I need to throw that one into the mix,,, I love TC stuff, though it's now made in Thailand (still designed in Denmark),, Too bad for me that their stereo Chorus/Flanger is in the 200 range,, but I'm not gonna let a few bucks keep me from a great pedal by a great company like TC~ Any closing thoughts before I just pull some trigger or another? Thnx again & stay well~
  11. Hi , I'm in need of an inexpensive but quality chorus that I can slap at the end of my chain, keeping all settings at or almost 'zero', for when/if I want to feed a stereo setup!I have other modulating devices for the real thing.Perhaps something that's known for its excellent separation quality.I caught some thread yesterday that had mentioned the MXR M234 analogue chorus, but it's probably too much pedal for the intended purpose..& do i need to be concerned with True Bypass if it's always going to be on, & splitting into stereo?Again, no frills & great separation, even at the mildest of settings!!Thanks all & be well! πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  12. ksl

    A New Score!!

    Hey all,,, looks like I won't be sleeping alone or at all tonite!!Stay safe & be well~
  13. ...and does anyone currently make a decent reissue or copy, & what's the scoop on 'em? If it's indeed what i think it is, & have seen, they're a small fortune.... 6120? William Henshall of Londonbeat; https://youtu.be/weDoCirgw4M
  14. Will do,,,,P100 over a KA? I want to do this more than one of twice,,,, thnx
  15. Interesting DaddyMack.... I don't want or need hot & mean,, just something with a cool clean personality, & that will perhaps split well with my bridge & middle.Thnx all~
  16. Hi all~ I'm not sure if that more detailed one is for my amp, but that preamp tube setup is... Are there any feasible thoughts on a functional, NON tone sucking master for it? OR, a component's or 2 or 3 values to change to it give much more gain at a lower level?Amp has 2xEL74, 2xAX7's, & 5U4,,,,πŸ•‰Thnx in advance
  17. Got PRO, & having owned a BJ, this thing kills, especially w/the Tonedog 1x12 cab!!
  18. Good day all, & good health,, I'm'a needing a Noiseless P90, & being that it's for my rarely used neck position, it may not seem like such a priority for quality, but perhaps all the more for it to be cool when it is used?!? In the bridge is a stock wind Fralin noiseless 90, & a beast of a Dimarzio SDS1 in the middle, & a blender setup,,, So, w/o breaking the piggy bank like I did for the bridge pup, what's worth looking at? The first thing that catches my eye is a Kent Armstrong for around $60,, but everything else seems to be pushing that $100 mark... Hum-free, neck, P90 ,,, Armstrong's any good? Thanks in advance for the help~
  19. DADDYMACK,,Thanks folks,,,I like angry, dirty, & the 10" deal,,, But hypothetically, if I saw a PJ custom done in a 12" cab, it would most likely dramatically change the attitude & voicing, for better or worse,, or is the Mojo in the 10"?? There's aTone Dog Pro-Senior in an oversized 12" pine cab, & wire rerouting for less noise, upgraded power filter caps, shielding,,,, Anyone ever heard of them? www.Tonedog com Kenny
  20. UPDATE: After hearing some good side by sides on YT, it seems like the Pro is much more organic, also has a nice bit of clean headroom,,, Even though i like the lower level OD allowed by the BJ, it sounds iike there's a nicer vintage mojo to the PRO,,,!!?? Anyone's thoughtz or affirmations? Lastly, are the more recent 'IV' models of either amp significantly better than the oldies?Thanks all & stay well!!
  21. So, this PJ,,, & can it scream like a BJ, or is it an different animal, as described in another post? The 10" doesn't struggle on the low end? I'd be using it for lower volume recording, but with the gain of a BJ i used to own? & are US made models of either amp better than the Mexican made ones? Many thanks. πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  22. Hi all,,, I know a P90 is a breed all it's own, & anything less or smaller is less, BUT is there anything out there that really comes close to that vibe, noisy or noise-free? I'm more concerned about the sound than the noise. Thanks in advance & happy new year!!
  23. Yeah,, the taper is all whacked when I've tried any all values if audio & linear, and reversed the wires,,,,,
  24. How are they, MIKEO, if you know? Thnx
  25. Hi MIKEO,, 40 yrs ago I had & gigged with both, a '54 Jr. & a '59 Special,,, I had,, but no longer & I want something... Here are the pics... having 2 pups a Special would be nice, but I also used to have a 90's reissue, & I didn't feel right.... I like the way THIS one looks,,,, G.A.S.πŸ’¨
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