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  1. Thanks - they seem pretty good from the videos?
  2. I wish I had the discipline to 'lock myself away' and practice, truth is I have to feel inspired to do so. Not been in a band for a while so I guess that's got me rusty!
  3. Frank Zappa is always someone I feel like I should be more into than I am. Where's a good starting point? An album or live performance? One of my favourite comedians (Adam Buxton) talks about Zappa a lot and I feel like I should know what he's talking about...
  4. YouTube in general I think is a bit shady who owns copyright but seeing as you're using it for something 'commercial' (a song) I'd recommend being safe. You could always go to Fiverr or a similar site and get someone to do it in the same 'style' - that way you can prove the audio is yours.
  5. Pretty cool, lyrics are quite 'direct' - is that what you were going for?
  6. Another +1 for Apogee jam, though I think the Rode NT1A-USB can be hooked up to run on an iPad air and results are pretty good.
  7. I've used the SoundOff models before, and wrote about them (link below if anyone is interested in an in-depth review). Definitely get the thumbs up from me. I haven't heard of the aquarian superpads before, do you have a link?
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