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  1. 3 hours ago, daddymack said:

    Agreed, a cheap ax is a cheap ax, but there is always another newbie out there with less cash than you had.

    The OP stated she/he had not started as yet, so no 'if'...and, unfortunately, Harley Bentons are not readily available in the USA...whereas something labeled Yamaha can be found almost anywhere on the planet. If the OP is in the EU or UK, then yes, a HB is a sound investment...no pun intended.😎

    There certainly is an if, since I stated it.  The poster did NOT indicate acoustic or electric.  Not sure what problem you have with that.  I merely gave a recommendation IF the poster wanted an electric.  And you can import a Harley Benton for cheap enough that it's still a good buy compared to something of its league found at a local store (where there's a markup for the middleman). If you have something against HB, then fine, but try to find negative reviews on HB (for the price and what you get).

  2. Any inexpensive guitar will not fetch much money on resale. As for the other issues, know they are issues. Two other things... the poster did not indicate whether the person is playing steel still or nylon acoustic OR electric.  I gave an opinion on electric since others posted about nylon (that's why I clearly stated "IF ELECTRIC..."). Also, Harley Benton produces acoustics (including nylons)... and I would put up a $200 HB over a $200 from another brand. Hope that clarifies and have a good evening.

  3. The best I've tried is the clean channel on The Countess (by Victory Amps). You can buy this as a pedal pre-amp if you don't need the power amp section (and simply go into your amp's fx loop to bypass your amp's preamp). This clean channel is thicker and slightly warmer than the Fender recommendations, resulting in a nice full sound.

  4. I suppose this could go in a guitar gear section, but since it contains a video I thought this was an OK place. I did a video of things NOT guitars, amps and pedals. Those little things that are fun and interesting, such as the Option Knob that allows you to use any parameter on a pedal as an expression (you can increase or decrease the amount of delay, distortion, etc., as you play). Or Strap Graphics, where you can create your own unique guitar strap. Or the Cable Buddy tagging system. Or the String Stretcha (to stretch and keep your strings in tune better.


    Because I wanted to include V-Picks in this video I asked Vinni Smith over at the company to send me his CD, which is mostly instrumental music, and so his tunes are featured on the video. It was a fun project. Curious to know what cool guitar gear accessories are not on the video that you like.




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