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  1. Many of the bands who bought Circle Sound gear were from around our area in Kent in South East England, so it is quite likely that I would have known them both as fellow musicians and customers. I was using our equipment in a band called Silver Rain at that time and one of the members, Pete Butcher, moved to the States and married an American girl he had met in Germany while we were playing US bases there. What is surprising is that inspite of the large amount of equipment that Circle Sound produced and sold over a short period of time, this is the only reference to the amps that I have ever found, plus one advert for a pair of Circle Sound 2x12" speaker cabs from a UK vintage equipment company recently. That's interesting that your old company had a similar name! 🙂
  2. Thanks for responding Mr Grumpy and daddymack. @Mr.Grumpy, I was young and enthusiastic in those early days but lacked in real business experience and a little naive which led me to trust people when I probably shouldn't have. The demise of the business was sad as I had so many ideas that were pretty much ahead of their time, but life moves on. @daddymack, any idea of what the band was called as I may even remember them? Roger
  3. Don't know if anyone is still monitoring this thread, but just found it by chance. I was the owner of Circle Sound, which was a small business I set up in Chatham in the UK in 1970. I started by building loudspeaker cabinets and after a while found a small electronics company on the outskirts of London that could build the chassis amps to my specification. The one in the photo was the later development and we also had a line of PA amps with the same amp but 4 inputs and tone controls. We also ran a range of Valve(Tube) amps that were a similar design to the Marshall 100w board. We produced a large range of speakers from 1x12" up to 4x15" and a line of modular mixers that you could choose the number of inputs, effects and power that you wanted. There was also a 100w combo amp with 2x12" Celestions. Our equipment was sold in shops around southern England including our own and we also manufactured cabinets for other companies to rebadge. At our height, I had 17 people on the work force. We manufactured a lot of amps and cabs over an 18 month period until we took a huge order from South Africa for 3 months production, which made us the subject of a massive fraud involving a Swiss bank guarantee and sent us sadly into liquidation after receiving no payment. Roger Gunkel
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