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  1. I’ve tried neck bending and it sounds cool and is a pretty good alternative to a tremblo but it can’t be good for the guitar... Anyone know anything about this?
  2. I have a Jackson Dinky JS34Q and it’s a pain to tune and restring. Is there any tips or tricks to maintaining Floyd Rose bridges or are they just weird to work with or is my guitar just a garbage guitar?
  3. Below $350 preferably for just the amp and I prefer Marshalls. I found one that I like on ampmaker.com that it a little less than 300 that I like but I want to do some more research on other kits.
  4. Looking for a small and relatively inexpensive tube amp for my room, and I feel like putting one together might be less expensive and help me get a better understanding of how they work. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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