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  1. I am 63 yrs old, started playing instruments a age 8, and worked professionally for over 30 years as a sideman; semi-retired now. My age has not changed my musical tastes, nor preferences for what I play. I am still open to anything, as long as it is someone physically playing the music and not a DJ or 'synthetic' music. I have never appreciated layered studio recordings, although I definitely appreciate the technology and those who know how to use it. My ears (and heart) need as much of a 'live' recorded sound as possible out of a studio product. If nothing else, the core "band" recording the
  2. I wrote a lengthy message just now. I encourage the Moderators to post my letter. It is Truth, and it is an important factor in Gibson's current state of affairs. Everything I wrote can be, and has been in the past, substantiated. It's a hard Truth in some ways, but that's a part of life. In the end, i suspect my information will not appear as it does not reflect well on CEP Henry J. so be it. Moderators -- please 'man-up' and post my letter.
  3. Author, Mr. Jarrett, obviously has a place in his heart for this historic company. However there is much amiss about this version of the Gibson guitar Company, although I do get his point about not "kicking" such an entity while it is down. Intentionally or unintentionally, I believe Mr. Jarrett has missed a major issue regarding the Gibson Company's woes. That being the CEO. Perhaps author Jarrett is not comfortable entering that territory? However I have nothing to lose since I am semi-retired from the music business. So here's what I know first-hand... You can 'thank' CEO Henry Juszkie
  4. Tell ya what's "serious" -- that's a 'serious' down-blouse shot.Wish I'd had those. Lo and behold, I only turned out to be a lowly sideman for 40 years.
  5. Playing, performing, and listening to the Present is best appreciated once we are learned of music Past. Players -- know your history. It's a solid foundation for music Present, which no musician should be without.
  6. The term "competition" applies more aptly to agents and record labels. Musicians, on the other hand, surely will benefit from observing what you call 'competition' as an opportunity to learn from those currently better at their craft than yourself. An incentive to learn, learn, learn... and 'play' harder... not to mention playing well with others!My 2-cents.
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