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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think you should make it a bit more interesting at the beginning to really get the listener to hear further. It's simply not happening enough in the first 35sec to draw the attention of the listener
  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing! I like the groove of the first one
  3. Nice lyrics! Looking forward to hear more of your music in the future
  4. Do you have another links as well? Can't open it...but i would love to hear it
  5. Yes that's true. But could you figure out just by ear what interval that is if i play you two random notes? I'm sure you could figure it out with your guitar for sure, but also just by ear? I am really curious
  6. Yeah i really like that too! Awesome track
  7. That makes absolutely sense to just learn whatever it is you need for your style of guitar playing
  8. I have recorded all the intervals plus the openings of the songs (with that specific interval) that i know pretty good so that i can relate to that better. It helped me a lot. I go through my recordings (at random order) and try to hear what interval it is. If i am not sure i grab my guitar and figure it out. Make sure that you don't "name" the file after the interval. I would take away all the practise if you know it before hearing it
  9. Thanks for sharing! Well i would say Metal? But i'll guess there is also a bit folk in it. Very interesting
  10. You are more then welcome! Thank you for sharing your music with us
  11. I am curious about your thoughts about how and when to integrate your new skills into your guitar playing. 1. How do you intregrate all the new things you are learning? 2. When do you start to integrate all those new things into your guitar playing? Once you mastered the skills? Right from the start? It would be great to collect some ideas here on this VERY important topic!
  12. I think there is no right or wrong on that. I really try do to mix it up to hit the target from different angles. So sometimes i come up with lyrics and the melody is created subconsciously in my mind. On the next day i try to come up with some different chords and then write lyrics to the feeling of the rhythm. So i think variation is the key here
  13. Sounds great! What is the name of the song? Where can i find it?
  14. Yes you are right. I normally use all the effects on a special practise so that i can focus on that as well. It depends on what i want to get better at. Sometimes i shift my focus on my voice only to work on that and sometimes i practise "how to get the best sound out of my voice" with effects etc. So like you said. It is a combination out of both
  15. I prefer to practise singing without reverb or effects so that i can really hear my clean voice. That helps me to hear mistakes and things i have to work on much easier. I think effects can really distract you and make your voice sound better or at least different then it is. Thats why i prefer to avoid that during practise
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