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  1. This is what you guys sound like. UBM6CBtuHS4
  2. Don't have a cow, it's for vocals. Go get a Fractal Audio Axe-FX like a real man and sell me your POD.
  3. I might be interested...maybe have Zach build a red and black headshell (the reverse of my 200 watter), send this to him, he puts your 200 watter in the orange headshell, this one into the R/B one and sends it to me
  4. I think the deal was that Vai had the U7 made, and no one bought them. Later, Munky and Head found good deals on em in Bakersfield pawn shops and decided to give em a try, and they dug em. So while may players have played 7 strings, it was indeed the popularity of Korn that resurrected the Vai 7... IIRC, Ibanez had stopped making them. "The Maestro Alex Gregory" had Fender make him a 7 string strat earlier than Vai's 7 string so he could play the Caprices (he later had BC Rich make an extended scale 5 string tuned in fifths. That caught on like testicle waxing). And as mentioned, George Van Eps, Howard Alden, Lenny Breau, Bucky Pizarrelli and others had played 7 strings in a Jazz context years before. But I think Korn does deserve some credit for trying something new. Limp Biskit were Korn protoges, brought on tour with them, and I think "3 dollar bill$ y'all" was released on Korn's vanity label.
  5. Holy n00b fight Batman. May I be the first to say STFU, GTFO, a2m/Gape. murder/suicide, TAONZ IS IN TAH FINDERZ and welcome to HCAF.
  6. OK, this thread just ate almost two hours of my life. Jam packed with cool stuff. Zachman, you are the MAN!
  7. I like the look quite a bit. No gain control? Volume + Master, I'm guessing the Volume acts as a gain control? I'd be interested in clips as well
  8. I'm offended. My pet rock was TOTALLY unaware of this guitar.
  9. Can you wait till the first week of April?
  10. profitable! You feed the cats to the rats, the rats to the cats, and get the cat skins for nothing!
  11. What do you mean? Think of them as 70's Fenders. Rose Morris, fresh off of almost ruining Marshall, bought Vox with no manufacturing facilities. While a case can be made for the late 80's/early 90's AC30TB LTDs, most of the Rose Morris Vox amps are suspect. It's no wonder they went out of business AGAIN, forcing the sale to Korg. With the number of n00bs out there selling any piece of crap that looks old as "vintage", far better to spend the money on either a new one or a JMI. Most components critical to the AC30 were no longer made in the late 80's, and remember, Rose Morris was never a music company, they were out to MAKE MONEY, much like the CBS takeover of Fender. Unless you are getting the thing free, walk away. No one services them any more, and the esoteric replacement parts are largely no longer manufactured.
  12. Rose Morris Voxs are an expensive way to burn down your house.
  13. That was my first major amp as well, lol. I still have the fucking cab! I had an M-80 Pro, and it wasn't nearly as terrible as you'd think - I played in metal and punk bands with it. I'm sure now my opinion would differ, but my memory of it was that it at least sounded better than the Peavey I had before it. I used it with a Digitech processor, and got some decent tones out of it, especially recorded.
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