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  1. Guys ... I think we need to let this thread just die. I've read through this whole thread and I really can't tell who the TROLL(s) are. I think it is really silly that the mods are responding to some of these ridiculous posts. It's like there are keeping it going to cause more problems You actually read 71 pages of this {censored}? Wow...
  2. Well, I'm assuming the forum is a man, This is actually an interesting point... I'm gonna make a new thread to get to the bottom of this.
  3. i've always interpreted DeathMonkey's username as a veiled racist comment against African Americans :eek:
  4. What does the state of the forum enjoying dicks and balls have to do with its current lameness? :poke:
  5. I find the current state of this forum very homosexual.
  6. Actually I did... ahh {censored} what were they called... Antigama
  7. I'm also offended by the "grow some balls" statement for all you know KTS might have lost his balls, and that would be a very insensitive thing to say This is very true. You can't just assume things about people DeathMonkey, you may offend them.
  8. Why are you such a {censored}ing crybaby? You broke the {censored}ing rules. Take responsibility for your ignorance, little boy. Right, it's not that you are such a {censored}ing jerk that you have to shock and offend to claim any sense of self worth, it's that big bad Deathmoney ratted you out to the coppers. Grow some {censored}ing balls. I find your tone of speech very offensive towards me.
  9. OH SNAP! Anyway yes DeathMonkey reports people, he reminds me a lot of this kid with autism on another thread that threatens to report anyone that doesn't take pity on him.
  10. Yes, metal is legitimate. Your username, spelling and punctuation aren't, though. Remember, a good troll is an eloquent troll! You don't seem to get the whole troll thing. Maybe you should look for another line of work. You could, like, fry hamburgers or pick up garbage or something...or be a policeman.... So who thinks this guy is the troll under a new name insulting himself?
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth He has a great name though, Jesus Crust, I may have to steal that if I ever make a crust band.
  12. You would like EMO music. Emo is too unemotional for him.
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