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  1. Makes sense. I've heard rumors that this forum was once much, much larger. That would make it more common for folks to segregate themselves in like-minded communities. Today, I see just lots of folks posting across most of the different sub-communities and hadn't considered the ruins of fallen empires..
  2. I guess the real question is why is this thread in the Acoustic Guitar forum??
  3. The Presonus Audiobox you have should have come with a license for a strippy version of Studio One, which would probably work better than Garage Band. It probably wouldn't hurt you to start learning as much as you can about recording. There is a ton of information on youtube from guys like Graham Cochrane and Rob Mayzes that do a lot of video series on home recording. I'd suggest maybe searching for forums aimed at home recording and seeing what you can learn there.
  4. Interesting changes there, and I liked the accordion!
  5. I use a TC VoiceLive3. It's a great box.
  6. There could be a couple of things going on.. One, if you panned your sources in the opposite direction, that would give that effect. I double track and pan every acoustic recording. The other thing is that your two sound sources will likely have a very slightly different round trip time due to things like the distance from the mic vs. the direct contact of the piezo pickup for the line out. Either way, it sounds fantastic!
  7. Wow. Exceptionally well done! Nice sense of space on the guitars, and the vocals are beautiful!
  8. I think you totally nailed Dylan here. Well done.
  9. I ended up having another mainland trip interrupt my production schedule this last month, so I've only got this one for the moment... As usual, I used a single mic, a Rode NT1a because I'm too lazy to set up stereo SDC's. Also, my SDC's are complete crap. This is the first thing I've done with my new flute, a Muramatsu EX. The guitar was double tracked using a Taylor 814ce The bass was recorded with a Dean 5 string acoustic bass. It's a cheap bass, but it's ridiculously fun to play and gives that woody acoustic sound. As always, it was recorded and mixed on Studio One 3.5 Pro. This song has an interesting history. It came from a 15th century Scottish manuscript. It was later put to music by Robert Burns in the 1780's. Later, it was anglicized and many of the pagan references were removed. The Traffic/Steve Winwood version was taken strictly from the anglicized text. I've reversed a good deal of that, as in my mind, nobody has the right to steal the history of a people. As an example, the first verse of the anglicized version says, 'there were three men out of the west'. The original text was 'There were three kings into the east'. The original text was symbolic of the reverence for the sun, which rises in the east, and reverence for the stars, as three kings is a reference to Orion's belt. John Barleycorn Must Die!
  10. There's something about this recording that just really grabbed me and sucked me in. The old-timey feel was just perfect. The noise floor was a bit high in the overall production, but IMHO, that just added to the old-timey quality. Well played. Tell us about the new mic...
  11. I use Studio One pretty extensively. I find it (mostly) simple and straightforward. What are you having probs with?
  12. I forgot to mention Vail Johnson. He was absolutely incredible live.
  13. I certainly don't see why not. It's essentially a bellows, and as long as there is pressure, there is air to move across the reeds.
  14. Good to know.. I usually buy those things a few at a time, now I know to stay away from the multi-colored ones. Anything like that melts down out here on the island. The knobs on my interface have even turned to goo!
  15. I had the opportunity to jam with a harmonium player last week. Very similar instrument.
  16. Sounds like a horrible band I was in once... I was so relieved when it was over... We had super flaky folks in the band that nobody else wanted to boot... They'd ask, 'when are we going to do new tunes?' How about when you learn to play the few that are already in the set?
  17. For me, it's always going to be Nathan East. Dude is just so damned musical!
  18. CDBaby is a subsidiary of discmakers. They are the same company and their offerings are essentially the same. I know this because they are my client.
  19. I primarily do festivals and event gigs, and most of these are repeats from previous years. They are usually booked a year in advance. New bookings usually come from those festivals and events. We have a very limited gig schedule each year, as most of our gigs require a flight, so we have to pick and choose.
  20. Thanks for taking the time to write this up and show us the pics Freeman! This is probably the coolest thing I've read all morning!
  21. 100 might not be overkill if you plan to pass any out to friends and family. And for the record, discmakers is CDBaby.
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