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  1. Personally, I prefer EMGs over Blackouts. I like the attack of the 81 a lot more. I'm not that big a fan of the 85 in the neck, I like an 81 in the neck, though I am running an 85 in the neck of my Beast at the moment. Blackouts sound great, and I would like to have a second gig guitar with them to trade off, vary tones slightly. In the Beast, I'm running 18volt EMGs, but even running 9, to me, the harmonic response, attack, and crunch sound more in tune with what I'm after. I mostly play thrash, death, and hard core. A little black, doom, and Southern, but mostly the other three.

    Just noticed that was your video demo - great job on the rhythm comparison.

    I have used an 81 in a blues band - clean/slightly overdriven - again - 18 volt, and roll off the volume slightly. A slight adjustment of the tone, and you're left with a really awesome greasy blues tone.

    Also - what amp/effects are you using? Recording into?


    Hello !

    Yes EMG 81 is far more cleaner than the Blackouts.

    Clean and crunch on Blackouts : awful sound.

    My rig : very simple and cheap !

    Line 6 PodFarm, Cubase 5, Alesis MK2 monitoring and M-Audio Firewire. :)


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