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  1. Totally agree ! Monitoring or high definition headphones required
  2. I'm glad this post brought some questions !
  3. Thank YOU Phil ! I'm glad to have found this forum !
  4. Hello again Harley Benton is Thomann guitars, that's why they are unexpensive
  5. Hello ! Yes EMG 81 is far more cleaner than the Blackouts. Clean and crunch on Blackouts : awful sound. My rig : very simple and cheap ! Line 6 PodFarm, Cubase 5, Alesis MK2 monitoring and M-Audio Firewire.
  6. Hello Phil ! I kept it VERY simple : a Line 6 Pod Farm ! Directly through Cubase 5 Alesis MK2 monitoring & M-Audio Firewire. Very cheap recording gear, but I know it very well
  7. Hello ! Here's a cover I made using an 8 strings guitar and very cheap recording gear. Price doesn't matter, it's how you use your gear Enjoy !
  8. Hello ! Here's a quick demo of the Ovation CC24
  9. Hello ! Here's a brief video with 3 pair of humbuckers. Enjoy.
  10. Hello guitars addict ! I made a shootout of 8 guitars
  11. Hello there ! I made a Harley Benton guitars shootout. They are unexpensive...
  12. Hello there ! If you wanna know how these pickups sound :
  13. Hi ! I don't bring an answer but sounds and DI files here :
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