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  1. Hello! Here’s a demo of a « metal guitar » on a groovy funk backing track!
  2. Hello! Here’s a lead sound demo of the Harley Benton TE 90 on a chillin’ backing track:
  3. Hello! You can watch my first album trailer here. It’s dark metal/electro/rock.
  4. Lace Deathbucker. Good idea for upgrading a guitar?
  5. Hello! I got a new budget guitar! Complete unboxing & review video:
  6. Hello! Here’s a vid I did on Meshuggah’s Bleed in order to help you understand this complex great song.
  7. Hi ! Here’s a quick test of the wireless MIDI controller Fishman TriplePlay :
  8. Hi ! Jared is launching a solo contest with Ernie Ball. Check out the link for more info and my entry. C ya!
  9. Yeah. If you're not a hi-gain dude, save your money & go for the THR10.
  10. No. Not really, it's way far from a 50 W amp !
  11. Hi guyz! Here’s a review I made of VOX’s new practice amp. I thought it would interest all the guitarists here! (view it on YT for readable subtitles).
  12. oh, ok I see what you meant. thanx.
  13. Hello 1001gear ! I'm all ears, tell what you mean, i'll take any piece of advice.
  14. Hello guitar addicts ! Here’s my latest video : 10 guitars, 1 song ! Enjoy !
  15. Hello guyz ! Here is my sound video w/ the EMG Het set ! + I compare them w/ the 81/89 Signal chain: guitar, DAW, (free) VST plugin. If you're here you may be a geektarist (as I am), so can you tell the difference? I actually do.
  16. Totally agree ! We, guitarists, would be able to explore all the sounds we want without the "pain in the ass" soldery
  17. Hello ! I just installed the EMG « Het Set » ! Here’s my quick review
  18. Thanks Hellion ! Yeah, I avoided djent demo on purpose !
  19. Hello ! I got another 8 strings guitar, I sold my Schecter with a way too short scale for an 8 strings guitar ! So I got the Ibanez M80M with a 29 scale length !! This guitar is perfect even for my small hands & the Lundgren pup is perfect ! Here's a demo I did :
  20. Ha ha. To tell the truth I'm always (95%) playing my electric guitars unplugged !
  21. The player with the guitar which gives him good feeling through an amp that satisfy him
  22. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. It took me maybe 1 month to handle it
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