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  1. Thank you mate, appreciate it. I heard demos of Nail Bomb and would love to give them a try.
  2. Not the best sound quality, as I realised my Apogee One was dead when I was about to record. Nevertheless I wanted to record some samples of the tone, so I did with the iPad. Let me know what you think of the tone (and the iPad sound quality).
  3. UPDATE: I applied pencil shaving+ vaseline on the nut, string tree, as well as the saddle, but no noticeable improvement. Though once I un-secured the high E and B string from the string tree, the tunings can re-set much better than before using a dive bomb. However, strings still go noticeably out of tune: - with any use of tremolo that's not a full dive bomb (ie a bridge reset motion) - when I bend the high E, B, or low E strings in normal playing I will try to play for a few days without using the string tree for now, but any additional suggestion is highly appreciated.
  4. Thank you, initial I wanted to get a red / cream but this colour is very cool! There are 3 springs at the back at the moment. I don't know much about Hipshot Tremsetter so will do some research. I use the floating tremolo quite a bit so would be great to get it fixed.
  5. Still getting familiar with the single coil sound as I usually play humbuckers, but this guitar plays like a charm. The cleans sound quite nice and better than my other guitars (at least that's how I feel at this moment). The video was recorded with iPad. One problem I'm trying to resolve is the guitar goes out of tune whenever I use the tremolo, then after a bend on each string it would come back in tune and play fine until I touch the tremolo again. I'm considering getting some nut sauce, as I suspect it's a lubricating issue. But if you guys have experience I'm all ears.
  6. Today I wanted to record a playthrough version of the song "Wolf". I originally planned to record it using SM57 + EVH / Mesa which was what I used on the original recording, until I realised my mic cable was dead. So....I decided to pull out the POD 2.0 which I haven't used for YEARS and give it a shot. Let me know what you guys think?
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