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    Use Casio, Yamaha and VSTis from ipad


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  1. Ok past Casio SA-38/SA-75/PT-80 RadioShack LK-1161 (rebranded Casio LK-43) Casio CTK-3000 Yamaha PSR-e443 Casio CTK-6200 Yamaha PSR-19 current Casio WK-7600 Casio CT-X3000 Casio SK-1 Midiplus Origin 37 Yamaha MX49 Korg Minilogue (not XD) Drum macbknes current Alesis SR-16 Acoustic keys Irin 32 key Chinese melodica other instruments Everjoy ukulele (made in China) Laurel Canyon Steel string acoustic (made in China) Peripole Angel Soprano Recorder (made in South Korea) Unbranded recorder (I think made in Malaysia or Indonesia) First Act Harmonica (this thing actually sounds great for a toy, those bends can really wail) 2 Hohner Blues Band harmonicas, key of C (Chinese made model) 2 Hohner kazoos Egg shakers (made in Taiwan) Xylophone tube thing (made in China) Remo hand drum First Act toy percussion from late 90’s or early 2000’s (tambourines, woodblock fish, spoons, castanets, sleigh bells, and more) Rain shakers (made in Israel) Kenyan pellet drums (or whatever you call the drum you twist in your hands) Mayan slit drum Crow call scraper (made in Taiwan) (similar to a güiro) Pennywhistle (2, one American, and one Chinese) Suling flute (made in Indonesia) Slide whistle (made in China) Fife (made in USA) Kazoo whistle clarinet thingy (I don’t know what to call it, sounds sort of like a high pitched wood duck call of some sort) (made in China)
  2. Nowadays Korg M1/Wavestation Legacy Roland Sound Canvas VA Kontakt with the Factory Library Massive
  3. Music Bird

    Casio SK-1

    It still sounds good for 1985 standards.
  4. Music Bird

    Alesis SR-16

    If you play any genre, this will be a good drum machine for you. I play keyboard and synth, and it helps with sounds that are good.
  5. I’m trying to figure out the synths in this song from 2000. The one at 5:54ish and the one after it.
  6. The one at 5:54ish and the one after it, which synth did they use? I think it’s a Nord Lead, JP-8000, or a Studio Electronics Synth or an 80’s synth. It sounds like it has a 2-pole filter.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/trio-kwek-kwek/trio-kwek-kwek-sapi-sapiku#=155 i want to create the sound I timestamped in this song. It’s a gritty resonant lead sound. Not even sure what Synth it comes from other than it was released in 1995.
  8. I think it’s the DX7 Pedal Steel patch, but it doesn’t work right in Dexed because of the lack of the envelope bug.
  9. The synth lead I am trying to make on Dexed or Sytrus. I’m using FL Studio so Sytrus, Dexed or GTG FM 4.
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