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  1. Music Bird

    Casio SK-1

    It still sounds good for 1985 standards.
  2. Music Bird

    Alesis SR-16

    If you play any genre, this will be a good drum machine for you. I play keyboard and synth, and it helps with sounds that are good.
  3. I’m trying to figure out the synths in this song from 2000. The one at 5:54ish and the one after it.
  4. The one at 5:54ish and the one after it, which synth did they use? I think it’s a Nord Lead, JP-8000, or a Studio Electronics Synth or an 80’s synth. It sounds like it has a 2-pole filter.
  5. https://soundcloud.com/trio-kwek-kwek/trio-kwek-kwek-sapi-sapiku#=155 i want to create the sound I timestamped in this song. It’s a gritty resonant lead sound. Not even sure what Synth it comes from other than it was released in 1995.
  6. I think it’s the DX7 Pedal Steel patch, but it doesn’t work right in Dexed because of the lack of the envelope bug.
  7. I wish I knew piano accordion, I know it’s still popular in Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Argentina, and Malaysia. here’s some Malay examples For now, I use keyboard patches as an accordion sound, but it sounds static without volume control.
  8. The synth lead I am trying to make on Dexed or Sytrus. I’m using FL Studio so Sytrus, Dexed or GTG FM 4.
  9. Edit: please delete this thread. Already posted more thoroughly on other post.
  10. Music Bird

    Korg Minilogue

    It has a lot of presets to tweak, and many parameters readily available. One thing I wish is that it had a portamento knob.
  11. Synth1: I use this one a lot blooo: I use this one a lot too Dexed: nice DX7 emulation, which isn’t dated, especially the harmonica and e. piano sounds which I use all the time! PG8X: I like the brass section sounds, I don’t even think they’re dated! Musyng Kite Standard Drums VST: yeah I use this for drums, even though they cut through too well and sound really live Tyrell-N6: same with PG8X, I replace all horns in a midi with this stuff and Synth1 or Dexed. MinimogueVA: don’t use it as much, but it’s great as well. SQ8L: like this one as well, unique presets and sound design. FB-3100/3200/3300: nice for anything except bass, weak on bass. scrooo: some nice sound designs for this. I’ve gotten a nice tuba sound out of it. Arppe2600 VA: nice one as well TAL-Uno-62: I think it sounds just as good as an old Juno. TAL-Elek7ro and TAL-Noisemaker: nice bass and lead machines Phutura: once you get into sound design on this one, you can get past the EDM/rave presets. Anything else by Full Bucket Music, and anything by GTG and Elektrostudio is worth mentioning too. OP-X Pro is on my list!
  12. Here is my music. I’ve been covering songs using FL Studio and various VSTs.
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