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    Use Casio, Yamaha and VSTis from ipad


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  1. Music Bird

    Casio SK-1

    It still sounds good for 1985 standards.
  2. Music Bird

    Alesis SR-16

    If you play any genre, this will be a good drum machine for you. I play keyboard and synth, and it helps with sounds that are good.
  3. Music Bird

    Korg Minilogue

    It has a lot of presets to tweak, and many parameters readily available. One thing I wish is that it had a portamento knob.
  4. Music Bird

    Casio WK-7600

    Too bad there's no sound effects so I can get meowing and barking in the songs for weirder moments. Also I don't need the clonewheel. The keyboard feel is good and it's easy to glissando.
  5. Music Bird

    Yamaha MX49

    I make karaoke tracks and kids songs so I don't have to gig at all. I use a Casio WK-7600 as well and it's my arranger.
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